Friday, July 13, 2012

instagram friday

these are various pics I have taken with instagram this week...did I say it once already, am LOVING goes...

 my morning on my patio. Peace and quiet
 Girls having ice cream at Costco after the shopping trip
 Quilts and homemade apple butter and strawberry jam from my Aunt Madeline...very sweet! The quilts were for my kids, I still have the one my Great Aunt made me...

 Sweet girl, modeling a top I finished today...Love it!
 These pics were taken this week around my town...I love it here!

Happy Friday...Have Fun and Make It Count!
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

sweet sunday

I don't even know what day it is half the time, this summer is both flying by and letting me sleep way too late, that's for sure! I don't think there has been a day that I have gotten up before 8:30, since summer started, and it's actually more like almost 9 when I roll outta bed..
That is also the luxury as your children get older...good and bad! Bella has been taking on the responsibility of the dog, letting her out when she gets up in the morning, as not to disturb her sleeping mommy...even feeding her and then watching her, Praise God...or that dog might have been on her way out to live somewhere else..not kidding.

I was talking to Bella yesterday in line at Home Depot, and she says
"I wish I were 27, and had my own house and kids"
I said, "Really, I thought you didn't want to have any kids" (that's been her motto for like ever)
she said, "I want to have 2 boys and 2 girls, and I will buy them hamsters, and cats, guinea pigs and a baby chihuahua, and let them sleep in the bed with them"...
I said, "Oh really as I was laughing (and a little bit sad inside) we'll see about that"

So I felt a little bad, as I talked to my mom last night she reminded me what I was like at that animal lover...any animal it didn't matter, I loved it...I used to want to be a veterinarian, until my sister cut the tip of her finger and I saw blood for the first time, that changed all of those dreams...

But I also commended my mom, she did let us have everything...rabbits, hamsters, fish, cats, dogs, birds, guinea name it and at one point in my childhood I had it....

That will not be happening here......hell to the no!

I also got a visitor who dropped off a pretty buncha pictures for me.....yay!!!!

sweet Sunday...
In Him,
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

things that start with S

sunburn and sewing...........I have and have been doing both.........

We spent the day at my sweet friend Lainey's sister in laws...they are on vacation, and since we are lacking in the "lounge by the pool" department, we hung out at their house in Flower Mound...It is really pretty out there, lotsa trees and Big houses..It was a nice fun day away from home! Although Lainey and I thought we'd get our "tan" on, like we were 20 again, all we got was a sunburn! The kiddos had fun though!

 Lastly I had finished up a sewing project for my friend Holly...The fabulous photo go to gal I use, the one that did the sunflower pics! Well i finished a couple things for her, and I am sooo making this dress for Brynne....LOVE the colors and style!!

 Top and skirt set....

Hope your Thursday is great and that your Friday is even better!!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

baseball party

We had our baseball party Sunday night...I didn't take too many pictures..all the kids weren't there so I could not get a group shot..They were all busy swimming and playing around, enjoying the pool and the little bit of rain that came our way...

 Fearless in her sister's footsteps...

 Jackson, Cason and Scotty...they were too busy shooting eachother with water guns to be bothered with the water slide!!
Hope you have a great start to your week......I am's rough
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