Sunday, January 29, 2012

basketball saturday and my husband is home!

We had a game Saturday night, and we won 40 to 3. We are undefeated and the Field house is just now saying we have to move up the "next level" umm....we only have one game left! So I guess for the "tournament" we will be playing "up"...I am not super knowledgeable about basketball or many other sports for that matter! We participate for the experience, team work and to learn...that is what sports are supposed to be right?

Again, excuse the red eyes..I think I spent alot of the time trying to figure out the settings and finally reverted to the action auto mode (not great) but it got the job done...I have said it once and I will continue to say it again....My goal is to practice and get better, and that takes time, which I will be making for it!

Scott got home later Saturday, so he missed the game..After the game we dropped Bella off at Abby L's for her birthday sleepover...Honey (my friend) Brave soul that she is, had 8 2nd grade girls staying the night! I watched my friend Lainey do it a couple weeks ago, now Honey, and I am not signing up for that one anytime soon!! too much drama, screaming and tattling for this momma.....

So back to a busy week! Brynne finally has gymnastics tomorrow, she was too sick last week, so I will get some pics of that...I am gonna get my hair done and help with the art class at Bella's school on Friday...amongst 2 basketball practices and gymnastics for's just another week!

Happy Monday..Make it count!
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday weigh in

So I know a while back I posted that I was doing HCG again, well that abruptly ended due to lack of food, crabby mood and husband (probably) wanting to strangle me...I had to come up with something else!

My Best Friend in California, Melissa did Weight Watchers and had great success...I have a couple close girlfriends here that have encouraged me greatly! So I started that, shortly after the hcg post...I started on January 16th, with my weight at 119.8. January 23 it was 120 (a little discouraging) Because I followed it to a T, But I also used my "extra" points, which some of my friends say they do not do....This past week, I have been on the treadmill everyday (except Monday) and being Mrs. Impatient, weighed this am...117.2...Can I get a Woo Woo!!

I have liked Weight Watchers more than I thought, I can still eat out, I enjoy a Sweet a couple times a day, a Fiber one Brownie, and am Loving the Skinny Cow vanilla ice cream sandwiches at night! I will say the grocery bill is a lot higher, eating healthy is not cheap! But it has been really good, I am not starving, I am not grumpy and am enjoying food in a different way!

I am still in my jammies, getting ready to grab the ipad and watch something on Netflix while I walk on the treadmill.. We have Basketball today at 4 and I hope Scott will make it home by then!

I have started sewing again, made a cute couple "Celina" shirts for my girlie's, a new hat for me...and an adorable Valentines outfit for Brynne..I am starting Bella's today, will share them soon! (if I can hold that camera of mine steady!)

Any hopes on the Superbowl? Me the Patriots!!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

happy friday!

Hey y'all hope it has been a good week! A long week for me Scott had been out of town so I had a little dejavu on winging it on my own! Plus Brynne was a little under the weather and Scotty got an ear infection..he just had one a month and a half ago! Its the season though!

I snapped a couple pictures yesterday on my way to pick up Bella at Abby's house, and thought I'd share them..I am so out of practice it is not even funny! My hand seems to be so shaky, I definatley need to get more control or I'll have to shoot in auto mode the rest of my life!

I also know I haven't blogged about my small town, the happiness I hold being back "home" or all the small things that are really big things, in my heart about this place..

I remember being so afraid of leaving California, what would life be like, how would we adjust, where would we end up? Did we make the "right" decision..

Then going to Florida, I felt all the same things, but also told myself that "this was it, we are going to make the best of it, no matter what". and that did not happen, nor could it happen, and I am glad I did not let it happen..

This is home for us, with all the little quirks, it is where we are supposed to be! God opened the doors for us to be back here, I believe that with all of who I am. I do not take for granted one second of this place, one drive by looking at the cows, admiring a windmill or even a water tower, it is our home and there is no place I'd rather be...

Many Blessings!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

happy monday!

So it is the start of a new week! Yay!  I helped out at Scotty's school this morning for their chili cook off, and I made corn bread yesterday...Ok so explain to me something... I made these from a mix and this is what I got....

Nasty burnt up gross muffins...

Then I turned to the good ol' Pioneer woman from scratch recipe and wa la.....

Good ol fashion from scratch cornbread, that came out PERFECTLY! I even did one batch with jalapenos...It was good, cause of course you know I had to sample some!

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, laid low! We went to JB'S house (next door) for dinner, and hung out with them..I always love the people you can just be "you" with! Sunday we watched football, and sadly the teams I wanted to win, did not...

Brynne has been a little runny nosed this weekend, which is not clearing up, so we will be visiting our local and wonderful doctor tomorrow!

Also today I got on the treadmill.....YAY!!!! 50 minutes! I watched an episode of hoarders though on the ipad, and I almost threw my lunch up, YUCK! I am such a freak about clean and I hardly "save" anything, So that is probably not the show for me! I will look for some criminal minds or csi shows, love them...

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!
Big Hugs
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have said it before and I am saying it again..I can not get on a schedule! i am partly going to blame my iphone! I got it about a month ago, and made the switch from my android to the iphone, and was hesitant to say the least, at first..I was just learning my android! But choice ever! So I partly blame my iphone for me never having to get on my computer! i can check everything from my phone, and while I am sure I can blog from it, although maybe not the easiest...I don't know that I could upload pictures from it to my blog..I guess they would have to be taken on my iphone...and you know I only like to blog if I have pictures!

So last week I was picking up Brynne from school and she told me all about "Puzzles" the donkey in the property across from her school. She told me how they went over to him, they pet him and fed him and how he made the Heee Haaaw donkey noise.

The next day I brought an apple to feed Puzzles after school.. We went to the fence, and another first, I heard my first Donkey welcome......Heeeee Haaaaaww...

 Brynne was so excited to feed him....So in this picture he is doing that thing where his lips are moving all around the apple, no teeth, just those crazy lips! I am no fan of large animals, I barely like the size of my dog, or what she will be, let alone horses and or donkeys. they are just so big, with equally big teeth, I find them to be a little scary, so when Brynne is holding this apple, I am envisioning an donkey chomping her hand off...
So while I have been behind on blogging, and taking any sort of pictures...I am trying to get better. Being home has been great! But I am finding it hard to get in a routine, partly because Scott has been home pretty much this whole time..While I love that he is home with me, and the kids, it also keeps me from doing my normal mom duties along with things I like to do..We always find somewhere to go or something to do!

So while this was hardly wordless..Happy Hump Day!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

can't catch up

So I have a goal to blog regularly, and I can't catch up! This week has been a bit busy! Both Friday and Saturday Scotty had basketball games, we won both! Bella had a sleep over on Friday night at Abby O's house, which took her all weekend to recover from! (lol) Sunday we tried a new church in town and ate lunch at Pappa Gallo's with the Lacy's...It was a good time.

I struggle trying a new church, as I really like our old church and our pastor BUT it was not in our town..therefor we are going to give this church a good try! It is important for me to be involved in a church in our community, with our friends and kids that our kids go to school we can connect with families that live by us, so we will see how it goes!

So it has been raining the last few days, and its starting to get COLD! So I haven't been able to get out and take pictures of anything exciting, we will see what tomorrow holds, as it is Wordless Wednesday...

Going to hit Costco in the morning, that's always a good time..but thankfully I can go during the week and don't have to brave that one on the weekend!

I am on day 6 of my diet..again am not going to blog too much about it, as I already did before..but it is a slower start, and it doesn't help the first 2 days of the low calorie part, I cheated, which is a HUGE NO NO on the HCG...So I didn't cheat today, and will see what the scale holds for me tomorrow..

Happy Tuesday, sorry it isn't more interesting, a goal (among many) to break out the camera more!
By the way, am on a Jason Aldean kick...Love his new music!
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Time flew by me..its 2012!

I have not blogged in forever! Not because I haven' wanted too..but lotsa things, actually! I got super sick for the 3 days before Christmas eve, in bed sick....YUCK! Christmas came and went and then Nicholas came...We had a great visit, although short! He went home Wednesday, and now the kids are back in school and I am trying to get back to "it"..

I have lots to post about, it will be just finding the time! We finished our upstairs, I got a new car, and I started my HCG again, yesterday..(this time I WILL follow the maintenance) Although I started again, I am not going to post everyday like I did before, but at the end I will post a before and after pic and the results of weight/inches lost...

I will be starting fresh from now, I can't go back wards, so I will post what I can up til then and move on  after all it is 2012! I can't believe it!

Happy Friday Friends!
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