Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday weigh in

So I know a while back I posted that I was doing HCG again, well that abruptly ended due to lack of food, crabby mood and husband (probably) wanting to strangle me...I had to come up with something else!

My Best Friend in California, Melissa did Weight Watchers and had great success...I have a couple close girlfriends here that have encouraged me greatly! So I started that, shortly after the hcg post...I started on January 16th, with my weight at 119.8. January 23 it was 120 (a little discouraging) Because I followed it to a T, But I also used my "extra" points, which some of my friends say they do not do....This past week, I have been on the treadmill everyday (except Monday) and being Mrs. Impatient, weighed this am...117.2...Can I get a Woo Woo!!

I have liked Weight Watchers more than I thought, I can still eat out, I enjoy a Sweet a couple times a day, a Fiber one Brownie, and am Loving the Skinny Cow vanilla ice cream sandwiches at night! I will say the grocery bill is a lot higher, eating healthy is not cheap! But it has been really good, I am not starving, I am not grumpy and am enjoying food in a different way!

I am still in my jammies, getting ready to grab the ipad and watch something on Netflix while I walk on the treadmill.. We have Basketball today at 4 and I hope Scott will make it home by then!

I have started sewing again, made a cute couple "Celina" shirts for my girlie's, a new hat for me...and an adorable Valentines outfit for Brynne..I am starting Bella's today, will share them soon! (if I can hold that camera of mine steady!)

Any hopes on the Superbowl? Me the Patriots!!

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