Friday, May 25, 2012

18 years ago today

I had my first born is his 18th birthday! I wish him the happiest day, miss him a lot, love him even more...and I want all the best things in life for you and take advantage of all the great opportunities you have available..never settle for less or easy...make the most of it, as we are not promised tomorrow...I can't believe how fast 18 years goes!!

May you have the happiest birthday, I wish we were there to share in your big adult day!
I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!
save me a

Love your mom xo

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awards and a fun day celebration

As the school year closes we get to start to enjoy some outdoor fun, some recognition and make some great memories!! Today was an awards assembly for third grade, Scotty received the Excellence in Reading award! (pardon the red evil eyes)

He also made the Math Hall of Fame so they had a fun water/game day for those who achieved it! In his class he got he awards for Best Laugh and the BEST MANNERS of the class (woo hoo!) So he had a great day!! They had a drawing at lunch for some prizes and he actually won! A water toy set (for the pool we don't have yet)

Bella had fun day at her school, an end of the year party that the PTA does for the entire school! there are bounce houses, slides, tug of war, water games, 3 legged races, all sorts of good times! So I helped at that for a while.....

Abby L and Sarabeth are in a different class, but I snapped this as I was passing through!
 Jessica, Kaitlyn and Bella
 Water relay...fill the bucket at the other end the fastest...Your team wins!

 Getting sprayed with the was hot today! about 93*

 sack races...

 This is a great picture! My sweet girls!!
Fun times, Great memories, and I am so thankful I am in a great place, with great friends...forever!!

Make it count!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

we are the champions again

Saturday we had Scotty's last baseball game and a softball tournament for Bella. I did not go to Scotty's game with Brynne for one because it was so early and I knew we would be out at Bella's tournament for at least 3 hours straight..Plus the night before my kids and their friends went to Friday night out at our gymnastics they were beat!!

Scotty did not win his last game, again, it has been a tough have a lot of kids that are either goofing off, don't care or have never played before (or all of the above) and then the flip side, kids that have played, like to play and want to play...a big gap! So I hope next year plans to be a better was also the first year of kid pitch another struggle.

Bella's team was off to a rocky start, this was her first year on machine pitch, and next year will go to kid pitch (another struggle) this time towards the end of the season, we got better, like most teams do after they get the hang of things...Saturday was a little different..For some reason or another, there was no cord for the pitching machines for the tournament, so we did coach pitch....We were scheduled to play the "little shamrocks" at noon..we did...and won! Then right after at 1pm we played the "twisters", now this team is the best and undefeated in our division. We had played them once before, with us scoring the most on them than any other team, I think 6 or 8 runs, they did beat us that time..but not today my friends! It was an exciting then end of the game we tied! So we went into over time!! And won!! woo hoo!

Now let me tell you they were not happy campers and it was easy to see why, their "coaches" could not pitch. They use a machine to practice as well as at the games..They went on to play the "little shamrocks" and we got an hour break...yay!

We sat nearby the game, and heard the yells and screams...the shamrocks were giving them a run for their money, but they did end up losing only by a minimal amount of runs!

This is where it gets interesting.......

As we get ready to play the "twisters" again, we knew it would be a tough game, they are a good team, with great fielding skills, and we were all tired! So there was a representative for the league there that day and it was brought to our attention, that the twisters coach told them that they refused to play us again with out a pitching machine.

Are you kidding me?

Now we were not on the field to hear the discussion, but Coach Colleen's first response was, well than they fore fit and we win the tournament...

There was some discussion on the field, with the twisters coach going to his team, and asking the parents what they wanted to do, if they wanted to continue on to play us...

Are you kidding me?? again

Colleen started walking back to us at the end of the discussion, in my mind it was on and we were going to play...she gets back to the cage, and says...

Congratulations Girls..... you are the champions!!!

Do you think we could have screamed any louder??? The girls were thrilled!!

The sad part of this is, that the other coach robbed those girls, they could have played, and probably maybe even won...It was sad because the umpire that was in on all three games, said to one of our parents "I am really disappointed in that coach, he let those girls down". Which is so true..That would have been no different than us going to them in the beginning of the tournament and saying, we won't play you because we can't win.

All in all it was a good day, long but good! And hopefully some lessons were learned today..

I took a couple pics in the waiting hour, I was saving my picture taking for the final game, that ever was...

Abby L and Bella.....aka Abs and Bels..BFF

 Watching the competition...
To lessons learned....

Happy Monday!
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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thursday was Brynnes' last day of pre school..they had a little outdoor fun with water stations and then a class party...I knew the reality of it was coming, accepting her time to move forward to kindergarten..

You know your from California, when your preschooler is the ONLY one (out of 3 classes) rockin' a bikini....some things you just can't change...
 Brynne and Blair

 Brynne and Kambryn

 soaking each!!

 party time after all that fun outside!!
 Once they got done with the outdoor fun and eating, we went back to the class and saw part of what their typical day would be..they sang songs, did the calendar and days of the week. Counted and ABC's..they sand two of their favorite songs and danced....

 Brynne and Mrs. Heather.
So while we were watching this in the classroom, then there came the memory books. These books are made by the teacher and they are of various things that happened through out the year..and then there was a note. A note from Mrs. Heather, that I could barely see to read through the tears welling up in my eyes...I knew it would get harder as the day went on.


We left and headed home. I was sad. All the weeks prior that I had counted down, not having to drive her all the way to Prosper for school, sitting in my car for hours a day in between picking up kids at 3 schools, all seemed to go away, I almost wanted it back...because I knew she'd still be small...young, at home with me two days a week....but I knew that was not going to happen.

I had started to look back on the last two years of our lives, moving here, moving to Florida and moving back. Leaving California, my family and my best friend ever, even thinking of "I probably should have had another baby when Brynne was 2", all of these things ran though my head...But then I realized also why I felt so bad.

I think I realized more than anything all the small things we miss, or don't give our all, because we are busy, we are running all over for sports and activities, cleaning house and all the things that take my time away from relishing in the moment of "my kids". I felt like a crappy parent..letting all this time go by, thinking of our old life, feeling like I was not the best parent I could be, even after Scott and I have talked tons of times about it, not living to the fullest, not living like we are promised a tomorrow....

While I LOVE living here...we had a great  life in California when our kids were younger..we took a lot of vacations, we spent a lot of time in Arizona on the lake...making memories with our friends, that were conveniently right next door, days of swimming and drinking wine in our cul de sac as our kids played well into the later part of a summer night...those times are gone. Our life is different now. Whether changes are made by choice or forced, I think both are hard to accept. I know we were meant to raise our kids here, in this place we call home, now. I do embrace that, it is just finding our way, making the connections and memories of our life now, that is harder said than done...

I also realize how very lucky I am. I have a friendship with Melissa, that some people never get in their lifetime. The distance has not changed us, we are still really close and I am grateful! I miss her a lot, and Scott reminds me that what I do have with her is very valuable, and to be happy that I have it. So instead of being sad about her and I not living in the same place, I need to accept the change and be happy that we are still "us". Going home in a few weeks will be hard, saying good bye is always the hardest, I keep waiting for it to get easier...but it doesn't.

Sweet Girl
 Let's just say the tassel was a huge distraction!!

 Mrs. Heather and Brynne
 Teachers a Big Thank You!!
 They sang Hosanna like Rock stars!

 Bella, Brynne and Scotty
 Brynne and Mommy
 My sweet friend Susan, snapped this for us....

 Sooo cute...Kambryn and Brynne, I hope she finds a sweet friend like this in kindergarten
 Pretty dresses...
So while this chapter of our lives has come to a close, and new ones are about to open, I am accepting that life is what you make it! I need to make more of mine..embrace more, love more, listen more, be funny more, and let the little things go...the unimportant ones!

Make it count!
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