Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday and I think the rain is gone for now..

That's right, the sun is out and I do not see a cloud in the sky, praise the Lord! We are supposed to be in the 80's by tomorrow...hopefully the pool can get dug out, again, steel retried and plumbing reset..Do you like all the "reset" going on, not so much! But hopefully we can get all that redone, to be ready for gunite/shotcrete (whichever we do) by Wednesday, then it can rain all it wants!

Busy weekend, both Scotty & Bella have hitting practice at the batting cages tomorrow...Sunday, Church, Baseball Scrimmage and Flag Football Practice...Too much for one weekend, with 3 kiddos....ugh! So we will see what we accomplish!

Off to finish laundry and some cleaning, have to run a few errands in town..

Happy Friday!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

no good has come from this

As Lainey would say No good can come from this....Well No good came from this..In the midst of the 3-6 inches of rain we got, besides the fact that I didn't sleep for crap last night with thunder like shotgun blasts at my back windows, this is what we got....

Obviously we have our work cut out for us in fixing this, it is a mess! And when I say work cut out for "us" I really mean Scott not me...We have always built our own pools, he is a contractor for petes sake...But we haven't done it in irrational Texas weather....
Good thing we aren't going anywhere....
Home Sweet Home, back to the drawing board, I faintly see cocktails and nachos in my future.

Is it dry yet?
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

pipes in the ground....some of them

Today the Plumber finished the start of the plumbing...getting the pipes set where they need to go in the pool...skimmers, spa and bubblers..

Now we have to have the steel guy come back out, tie all the steel and dig out the dirt that has fallen into places it is not supposed to be, due to rain last week, before we can get inspection.We are hoping to get inspection Monday and shotcrete on Tuesday, hopefully before we get a big rain, and not only it delays us, but also the steel guys would have to come back and dig all the dirt out again....not fun!

So it is going forward, and I am imagining swimming in a few short months...YAY!

Spring break is on right now, we have been laying low, I did some major closet cleaning! Not much else has been accomplished on my list though, that's ok. Today JB and I took the kids to see the Lorax...It was really cute! Nothing like popcorn, candy and icees at 10 am! No one was even hungry for lunch!

Sadly Friday is approaching, the last real day of the spring break week...I am so ready for summer.....
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

the first week

So Tuesday will end the first week of starting our pool, and this is where we are.......

 a tanning ledge for the hot summer days, hanging in a chair with a drink in my hand....
 beach entry and spa, amongst the mud hole!

Things are moving right along, except for the rain putting a damper on things..and there is supposedly more coming Tuesday! At least it is supposed to be in the high 70's, I am happy about that!

No big plans for our spring break, maybe a trip to the movies, some closet cleaning, and sewing...I am making Easter dresses for my girls, so I started that yesterday...I have come to the conclusion that I better get sewing...I have "hoarded" Fabric for quite a few years, always saying I am saving it for this occasion or that occasion, and not using it. Well my baby goes to Kindergarten in the fall, and I am running out of time for her to "want" to wear it...So I better Use It! She won't be little for long....

Happy Sunday, God Bless!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cocktails and nachos in my future

so yesterday I woke up and snapped a few pictures....

 This I wanted to remind myself of what it looked like "before"

 Pretty wide open and spacious..
 Then about 1:30 yesterday as I was pulling out to get the kids, it looked like this......
 In a mere half a day, we got a hole in the ground....
 Envisioning long summer days with friends....
 lounging poolside with cocktails and nachos
 making memories that we will hold onto for a lifetime...
 Remembering Brynne immediately in the piles of dirt, with the dirtiest brown feet ever! Wearing a dress none the less...
 Envisioning this view to my right
 and this view to my left, on those long summer days that turn into warm summer nights....
I can see it now......

Happy Hump Day! (yay its almost Friday!)
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Monday night Bella had her music performance at school..The kids sang and told a story during their presentation..I got front row seating thanks to my gurfren, Honey!! and then saved the same spots for her family, since their program was right after ours...

That would be my child with the book in front of her face...
 Don't mind the red eyes....

We went to our little Mexican food place in town afterwards...I am trying to stay on WW but this isn't easy!! Now summer is closing in, and thankfully we are home for Spring Break, so I don't have to put on a swimsuit just yet! Thankfully!!

But I have spent some time thinking about the "now" and accepting where I am now, and not where I used to be, how I used to look, and so on...It is a tummy thing for me, and honestly I don't want to work that hard to be that skinny! I am in the middle of the road, I want it, but not badly enough!! Ya know? Also I look at me and think this little belly has housed 4 children over the years...I am good! My Oldest is graduating this June, and the baby is going to kindergarten in the fall...whew! Time has gone by so fast!! Too many great things have come and gone and look forward to the future, our life here in Celina and being surrounded by the good friends and families we have, and being very blessed, blessed beyond belief!
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a party for the champs

Friday night we had a championship basketball party for our boys! The Hefton's hosted and we did nachos, hot dogs and ice cream sundaes...It was yummy and Fun! The boys are so proud, as we are!

Cason and Scotty
 Joel and Jace (Jayden's brother)
 Jackson, Aiden and Kaizer
 Delainey (Aidens' sister) Bella, and Katie (Cason's sister)
 Chet (back) Jayden and Brock
 Brynne and Harper (Jackson's sister)
 The team watching Coaches gifts
 Misti, who took her husband's place, Coach Chad, as he couldn't be there
 Dave and Coach Frank and part of Rhonda

 Holly, Rhonda, Dave and Coach Frank

 All the Boys loving on Coach Frank, as they also took him down to the ground with their huge hug!

 The take down...

I will say this was by far the BEST season of sports we have had! Both Coaches were nothing short of being great! We look forward to many years of learning, friendships and growing together!

It was a great party...we laid low most the weekend, went to church on Sunday and then had Flag football and softball practices...never a dull moment!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

a short getaway!

Sorry I have been lost in the busy part of life! Lots going on...First off THANK YOU for your prayers for my dad! He did leave the hospital, on blood thinners and is at home recuperating! Slow and a little weak, but doing better! Thank You again!

Last week we decided to take a quick trip to Colorado..Well not quick, it is about 14 hours from us, but a drive we can do in one day, not a fun day, but none the less in one day...We left Friday morning and drove back Monday. I was not a fan of going, mainly because I do not like to be cold, I don't like to be cold in Texas, let alone in Colorado! But after we got there, I was really glad we went! Scott's Mom and Step Dad moved up there from California and they live in a small town called Pagosa Springs. Which was great by me it was not busy or congested, which I am all for! We got a really nice 2 bedroom place to stay in, and the kids did stay one night at their Mimi & Pa's house! they were very happy!!! Here is a view from our room....

We went to the mountain Saturday, and Scott was trying to help Scotty learn to snow board, it went good, but it is Hard! It takes more than a day of trying to learn to really get it down...but he gave it great effort!

While they were doing that the girls made their own fun....and played in the snow!

After the kids were getting tired and whiny, we headed back to the room to get cleaned up and go to Mimi's house...She was making Chicken and Dumplings, and mashed potato's (my body was in Carb Shock, since I don't eat a TON of them anymore!)
On Sunday, we did what we knew they'd have the best time doing, sledding, off some remote hill in town, without a ton of people there! Now that is our kind of fun!! The kids had a blast, it was a good size hill, a few times I thought Brynne was going to cry, but she just kept getting up and going for more!!

We had a lot of fun! it is like when we go to the beach, we don't need to be actually doing anything, they are just happy to be outside and too!

We went to eat that night, and I did what I always say I am going to do, and actually did it, I took pictures! After the scare with my dad, I realized how little pictures we have with the kids and their grandparents, so I will be the cooky girl who's saying ok, smile, let's get a picture, I'd rather be cooky, than sorry later!!

Again, I am really glad we is so hard with all of us in different states now, we have to make the most of it even if it is only a few days!

Happy Friday and Make some Memories!
Big hugs
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