Tuesday, March 20, 2012

no good has come from this

As Lainey would say No good can come from this....Well No good came from this..In the midst of the 3-6 inches of rain we got, besides the fact that I didn't sleep for crap last night with thunder like shotgun blasts at my back windows, this is what we got....

Obviously we have our work cut out for us in fixing this, it is a mess! And when I say work cut out for "us" I really mean Scott not me...We have always built our own pools, he is a contractor for petes sake...But we haven't done it in irrational Texas weather....
Good thing we aren't going anywhere....
Home Sweet Home, back to the drawing board, I faintly see cocktails and nachos in my future.

Is it dry yet?
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  1. Aw man!! What a bummer! i hope the weather cooperates soon...I can't wait to see pictures of it completed! How awesome! :)


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