Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Eve and Happy New Year all in one!!! We have been to the movies this morning to see Tangled, it was very cute! Came home, put on our jammies, and we are hunkered down for the night...I am posting now, because I am taking the weekend off, doing some sewing and creating, watching movies with my kids, painting toes, and taking time to think hard about my wants and goals for 2011..

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the holiday, I wish you peace and great memories....and Thank You..for taking time to read this blog, this thing called "my life"
Biggest Hugs!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Do in 2011

Tonight I am feeling a little heavy hearted...I wasn't earlier, but I am now...I read quite a few blogs, and sometimes I run into stories that tear my heart apart....Then I realize how ungrateful I think I am..taking everyday, like you are given a tomorrow...there are so many things on my To-Do List, that I forget what is most important, and I may not have a tomorrow.

In 2011, I want to lose 10lbs, I want to eat better, look better, BE better...But it goes way deeper than skin or surface for me...I want to be a better mom, a better wife, a better friend.I want to go to church, be in a place where I fit in, not be judged by how often I attend or don't attend...But know my place with God, and that I know, God Knows who I am... i am far from perfect, am  daily sinner, not by choice, it is our nature as being Human...

I want to relish in every minute with my kids make the most of even the very small memories...On one of the blogs I read, a young mom of 2 girls ages 2 & 6, was killed in a car accident, and was 7 months pregnant as well. the baby has survived, but do not know his condition...This horrific happening, made me think, think about my life, think about this ladies' husband, her children, how he will go on with out her, how he will heal...Will her children remember her, what memories will they have to keep of her, close to their heart? how will not having a mom affect their life, their childhood, their adult lives...the list is growing and so are the tears in my eyes....I am so sad for this family...I can not imagine...

Brie This is the link to Brie's blog....Please pray for their family....
That brings me to my feelings about my life and death...and my relationship with God..Something I do struggle with, and have made no secrets about that. I have the want, some knowledge, but how do I get "there", there being in a relationship with God...Someone you don't see,touch, or hear? I did not grow up going to church...I only have been going to church the last couple of years, in part to my best friend Melissa, inviting us for Easter...I went more regularly before we moved, I enjoyed our pastor, he made it very easy to understand, and relate to everyday life, the economy, relationships, marriages and how to incorporate God into it..

Do I believe God sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins? For my sins alone? Yes, but Why? Why, when we are ssssooooo undeserving of a love so pure, so perfect, so true..Something we, being human, will never have or be able to give, without another feeling attached. It is hard for me to process sometimes, I struggle alot with how to obtain this relationship...and it is something I vow to work on in the next year...along with a lot of other things...

Tonight my heart is truly broken for this family, I am sorry for their loss, and how they will heal, is unimaginable to me..

"Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."
Psalm 145:18-19

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Christmas Morning

Oh the fun of Christmas morning..I remember my sister and I waking up my mom at the crack of dawn and screaming "He Came"...This year was a little quiet in that respect...I was the first one up at 6:30...hopped in the shower and really waited for the out of the shower...still quiet! Took the dog out...Still Quiet!...went back to bed...the moment I got into a good sleep.....the announcement came!!! Of course it did!!

It was fun, the kids were super excited, and said this was their Best Christmas ever....they really got stuff that they wanted, and that means more than the "amount" of presents, something I have learned over the years...Not the quantity, it's the quality...
 Let the fun begin...

 Some BIG excitement in our house...A DSI for Scotty, A Barbie Dream Townhouse for Bella and a princess ride on ATV for Brynne...(which will be going back as the little one is pushing the weight limit on it!)
 Oh the excitement

 Smiling little faces..
 Oh the paper mess and fun of Christmas

 Nicholas counting out some Christmas cash and gift cards...what else do you get teen agers???
 Took a break from unwrapping for a smile!

 Cute...sweet Brynne...she got her own Ken doll, since Bella has one too....
 Stocking fun..way too much candy!!
 Brynne is pooped out and over any picture smiling!!

As you can see once again there are no pictures of me...I really do exist!! haha, one of my new years resolutions, you could say!!I have a list , lemme tell ya"...but that is a whole other post...
Blessings for a wonderful, safe Holiday weekend!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 Years from 40

Today is my birthday...and I am 37...3 years from 40. So when I turned 35, I was devastated, depressed all of the above...Today, not so much.

I did miss my gurfrens at home this morning a little, and with Scott leaving, that did not help...but I got out, took the kids to the mall, we had lunch at Chilis, and of course I rewarded myself with a Chocolate Molten BIRTHDAY!!!! Did a little after Christmas shopping, which consisted of new happy jammies and a robe, along with a sweater and 2 super cute shirts, then I spent the rest on Bella, she needed shirts!! I guess that is what moms do...always put everyone else first, it is OUR Job...But I am happy to say I enjoy my Job.

Will be celebrating my Birthday when Scott gets back, and while I tried to take a picture of myself, to post, let's just say, I did not have much luck with that....

Big Hugs!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

We actually braved the mall on Christmas eve....we were in search for Elf on a Shelf and I was in want of some Cheesecake Factory..YUM, didn't need it, but wanted it!! The white chocolate macadamia nut, is WONDERFUL!!! While we wondering through, I snapped a few pictures, the girls rode the carousel..and we just laid low....

Once we got home, we did our traditional one gift on Christmas eve, it is never very exciting for the kids, they have figured it out by now, that it is Christmas Jammies...

Again, here is my daughter in a "summer" night gown, she has got to be freezing, I know I am!!

 Again, a kid with no shirt...people it is COLD here.....

 Cute, we had to get a picture with the Daisy Doggy....

 I liked this one....
More to follow for Christmas Day...trying to do the catch up....
Big Hugs!!
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Sugar Cookies

Every year we make sugar cookies, and this year was one of the funnest ones! It is always neat to see who picks what sprinkles, who gobs the most in one spot, and how creative they get!! It is always fun but very messy! Over the years I have learned it is best to roll em' up, cut em' out and give each kid their own tray to do what they want...that way there are no squabbles....

 being very precise as to where the silver balls go...
 Yum Yum...Sugar Fun!
 Grandma and Brynne
 Brynne was the most into it, probably because of her age...she was VERY proud of cookies...It is funny because every time she hears me in the kitchen, especially if she hears the mixer, there she is with her little stool, telling me she will help me...
Ok, so how do ya like the "forever summer" tank my daughter is sportin'..NICE, it is freezing out, and she come sup with that! She was actually dressed, until we got home from Hobby Lobby and the girls painted, which would have resulted in the old tank, I asked her to put on some "old" clothes, so she would not get paint on her good clothes...thus the pink tank, and forever summer??HA...definitely not here, maybe in California, but not here!!

 Nicholas and Bella
 This was funny, I can't remember what she was telling Nicholas, but it had to be you see the look on her face and the hand on her hip??

 Nicholas and Scotty
 Ol' Miss Sassy Pants
 Look how great Scotty's cookies were...

 Nicholas and Scott

It was good fun!! Lotsa sprinkles and flour left behind, but any mess is worth  a great memory!!

In His Grace

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