Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

Oh the fun of Christmas morning..I remember my sister and I waking up my mom at the crack of dawn and screaming "He Came"...This year was a little quiet in that respect...I was the first one up at 6:30...hopped in the shower and really waited for the out of the shower...still quiet! Took the dog out...Still Quiet!...went back to bed...the moment I got into a good sleep.....the announcement came!!! Of course it did!!

It was fun, the kids were super excited, and said this was their Best Christmas ever....they really got stuff that they wanted, and that means more than the "amount" of presents, something I have learned over the years...Not the quantity, it's the quality...
 Let the fun begin...

 Some BIG excitement in our house...A DSI for Scotty, A Barbie Dream Townhouse for Bella and a princess ride on ATV for Brynne...(which will be going back as the little one is pushing the weight limit on it!)
 Oh the excitement

 Smiling little faces..
 Oh the paper mess and fun of Christmas

 Nicholas counting out some Christmas cash and gift cards...what else do you get teen agers???
 Took a break from unwrapping for a smile!

 Cute...sweet Brynne...she got her own Ken doll, since Bella has one too....
 Stocking fun..way too much candy!!
 Brynne is pooped out and over any picture smiling!!

As you can see once again there are no pictures of me...I really do exist!! haha, one of my new years resolutions, you could say!!I have a list , lemme tell ya"...but that is a whole other post...
Blessings for a wonderful, safe Holiday weekend!
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  1. Seems like you "I believe you exist~lol!" and your family had a blast. Your Christmas looks cozy and fun!


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