Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas do you do it..

Hey there....Well I got the last of my Christmas decor up and am finishing my shopping tomorrow!! Yay!! Finally going out ALONE to get er' done! I only have a couple things to get so it should be a snap...then I guess I gotta wrap it all!!

I better get that done QUICK...because the cat and dog are tearing up my tree and the brand new skirt I got to go around it!! I think it is my rotten cat...oh he is sssoooo rotten, and I tell ya, if he runs outside one more time, he might just find his self sleeping out in the cold, and it is COLD!!

So here are a few pics I took of the tree, a few favorite ornaments and some stockings!!
 I did not do a tree topper again this year..I just can not seem to find one that will sit straight up on top of that tree!
 Our stockings are hung....
 I made these, and Oh how I long to do them for the other kids...Life just keeps me busy, and then when Christmas comes I remember how pretty the hand made ones are, and how special that is to me...and I really need to do it for the other 3...My mom handmade all our stockings and she still hangs them every year...they are beautiful!

 I collected all the original Rudolph cottages a few years back, they are one of my Favorite things to put out..I think because I remember how my sister and I looked forward to watching those shows every year...
 Love the Snow Monster, unfortunately so does Brynne, I find her carrying him around and playing with know if that hits the floor it's over! And the chance of a replacement...nill....
 I made this in 1980, I was 7 years old, it was my thumbprint...
 Bella made this one a couple years ago
 I really liked this one, Bella's teacher gave it to me last year before we moved here..
 Scott made this shrinky dink ornament..I do not know how old he was...But do you remember those??
 I painted a bunch of Santa's and stuff a few years back.... here is one
 Scotty made this when he was 6. The star got broken a little..and now the dog chewed off a limb of the tree...NOT a happy momma...I look sssoooo forward to the special ornaments, the handmade ones, that are imperfect, but made with love, something the kids are so excited about, and proud of..those mean the most to me..
 Another Bella one
 I just got this, this year, I just liked how sparkly it is !!
 My sweet Nicholas ornament, I have had this since he was born...
 Another one I painted a many moons ago....

Hope you are off to a great start or a better finishing up of the season shopping! Enjoy it, don't let it make us too crazy to the point that we are stressed, upset or irritated, it can happen VERY easily and VERY quickly...

Remember the reason for the season, Jesus Christ our Savior was born.
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  1. Just stopping by on the door tour! I love your reminds me of ours which includes lots and lots of handmade and special ornaments! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. I LOVE your tree! It is beautiful. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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