Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Youngest Baby....Who is not a baby anymore.

It has been VERY quiet here since last night...with Scotty at a friends, the girls and I hung out..Today Bella had not 1 but 2 birthday parties, in which she was gone most of the day..Then tonight is at her sweet friend Abby's house, staying the night.

It has been weird here, quiet in a different way, a way that I am not used too....and it is a little sad! our kids are growing up, and growing up fast. I was sitting in the bathroom with Brynne tonight and decided to get my camera out ( I really need to practice!!) Give me outdoor sunny shots all day long, put me in the house, with weird lighting and I am a hot mess! Considering we are not in California anymore, where the sun is out 98% of the time, this will be my time to LEARN about my will be an adventure like sewing..since I taught myself, I can this!

I can't believe in a few short months my "baby" will be four!! by now I have either birthed another child or am at least pregnant again...this is a whole new time in our life, letting go of the things we have done and preparing for the times to is hard, in an unexplainable way...

Brynne played for quite a while, and was a trooper for my so called photo op....haha! She asked me all day when we would pick up Bella, and then she left again..She REALLY looks up to her, and I hope with all my heart they are close as they grow up..Sometimes I don't think Bella is very nice to her, and I know for a fact she bends it all to go her way, that is what the older siblings do, just ask my sister, as I am the oldest! But I hope they grow close and stay close, I hope they encourage one another, I hope they admire one another, and I pray they LOVE each other...the most!
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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I turned 34. Goodness where has time gone?! I didn't realize you were from California. It's a state that I would really enjoy to visit one day. Your daughter's pictures are precious. She's a lovely pumpkin with gorgeous blue eyes. It's touching the way you write about your kids - so special. I cannot wait to have kiddos one day (hopefully soon).

    You're one smart cookie to have taugh yourself to sew. I watch youtube videos to learn. My first few projects were disasters haha!! I still keep it simple.

    Happy Sunday!


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