Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy Cats

Tonight was Bella's first night of softball, and besides us getting her a left hand glove, all went well.....(duh)
They are a U6 team, and they are the Crazy Cats, and she did really good...I was surprised how she actually caught and hit the ball more than a few times, she really liked it too! It was a little cold for my taste, but we practiced for about an hour and a half and then headed home..I snapped a few pictures of her First Softball practice...

She is such a good sport..while she is whiny at home about a lot of things, she really is a go getter, someone who makes friends easliy, someone who "fits" right in, can make the best of it..she is determined and strong willed, she is very independant and beats to her own drum........
MY sweet Bella

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Where did this month go??

I can not believe it is the last day of the month, and already turning into the 3rd month of the year, where is it going? I was looking at the calendar trying to plan Spring Break, Scott's trips to Florida, and Nicholas coming, and then March will be over too!! SCARY!

Tonight Bella starts softball, I'll be sure to get a few is cold here today, 55* (that's still too cold for me) She will have practice Mondays and Tuesdays, then the kids do Awanas on Wednesday and she has dance on Thursday..ok hello, and that isn't even counting Scotty's baseball, which I have not gotten info on yet! I am gonna be a busy momma, and when Scott's gone, I will probably be asking myself why I did this? Hopefully not for too long though...
Hope your having a great start to the first week of March.....
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Principal's Pride times 2!

Yesterday I went up to the school to have lunch with my kidos..A couple weeks back, Mr. Pasqua had told me that Scotty was going to be getting the Principal's Pride award for the past 6 weeks! Yay! At our breakfast conversation, I told the kids I would be up to have lunch and we talked about Scotty getting the award(he already knew) I told Bella I would also be there for her lunch..In and amongst the conversation, Bella started to whine about how Scotty gets everything, and she gets nothing...when it comes to awards..

After I dropped off the kids, I ended up coming home for a half an hour before I had to take Brynne, I switched laundry and checked e-mail...and received a last minute notice from Bella's teacher, telling me that Bella was getting Principal's Pride for this 6 weeks! Woo Hooo!! So she did not tell Bella, and neither did I when I go to lunch...You should have seen the look on her face when they called her name, priceless!!!

It was a good time, and glad that I am able to go to the school for that! Although when Scotty came in to lunch, he looked a little off, and then told me he didn't feel we go again.....

I called and got him in to see the Dr, and he has an ear infection, and possible strep. She tested him, and the results were negative, but she said by the looks of his throat and the 103* fever, she wasn't buyin Amoxicillan here we come, and ANOTHER missed day of school...of course...

Do you know since we came here Scotty has missed 13 days of school? NEVER in his life has he missed that much school...I thin at home our last year he MAYBE missed 2 days, the entire year....This my friends is getting old.... for both of us...and then he asked me again this week...."Mom, why don't you ever get sick?", again my answer was, "I can't, I don't have any sick days available...."

Happy Friday Friends....
Big Hugs!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

keeping busy

I have been trying to sew some this week, to keep me busy and motivated to do something...the weather is dreary today, supposed to thunderstorm tonight. I got our in my yard and cleaned up a few day lilies, (like 40 of them) that is always a good stress reliever for me, that is when I miss my "done" yard at home, it was always so pretty, and I think because it was typically always sunny, it looked good all year long, but also we were out there more keeping it up....

I did finish a blanket for my sweet friend Shelby, back home. Shelby had a baby boy back around Halloween, and have just now finished her blanket...excuse the crappy pics, they had to be taken inside because of our gray skies...

It came out pretty cute! His name is Parker. It is super soft dark brown chenille on the side with his initial, and then patchwork on the other side...It felt good to accomplish something other than clean house!!

I also tried a new wine...I went last week to pu Scotty up at a friends in our neighborhood, and she offered me a glass of wine, of course I accepted...she said she bought the wrong one when she went to Target...but it was great so I had to buy a "box" for myself....did you know a "box" of wine is equal to 4 bottles, and less waste...the cute little wine cube fits nice in my mini fridge!
Cute and Fun, and less waste, and at $17.99...a good deal!

Have a wonderful Hump day..whats left of it!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heavy Hearted

I have not been keeping up my blog posts as often as I would like, I think mentally and physically some days I am just beat down. My mind is full of dilemmas, that are weighing on me, and at times I don't want to be the "downer" blog. I am struggling here, not so much with Texas, but with the fact that we do not for see having a business here, and that our main source of income is in Florida...therefor Scott travels, and in turn I am left here alone, and it sucks.

We never even looked into Florida, I was more against it, because I had heard about humidity and bugs. (dumb I know) But the reality is, I should have, and now am seeing more so the affects of the travel and what not, that has been happening this whole past year, and the year prior to us moving here. When we were at home, the travel was masked, masked by my comforts, my family, my best friend next was not until we moved here, and I was taken away from those things, that I could see what had already been happening.

I want to be married for all my life, that was what I committed to, and that is what I want. But more than that I want to be HAPPILY married to my husband for all my life. Traveling every other week, it is like we live a different life when he is gone, the kids are sad, I am sad, and it will be sadder the day we wake up and realize that we don't miss each other anymore, and that this is just "the way it is"...and I don't want that. For myself or our kids. I actually still love Scott, very much, after the 13 years together, I still want to be with him, he is still my best friend, but I at the same time, see the effects of traveling, wedging between us....and that is the last thing I want.

So where this leaves us, I am not took A LOT to move here, to leave California, and while we would never go back, we need to move forward...It is scary, our decisions lay out the future for us and our kids, that is a heavy weight on our shoulders...we want the very best for them, and I know being apart is not it..

In His Grace
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Brynne Boo...the big #4

Today is my baby's 4th Birthday....YAY!! She is getting ssssoooo big, it is mind boggling that she is 4 today, also a sad day for mamma.....Lotsa presents came in the mail from Grandma...Fun to open!! An Adorable cookie bake set and ice cream set from my sweet friend JB... Also gift cards from Auntie Cheryl and Nana & Grandad!! Fun... She picked Cheesecake Factory aka cheese factory (in Brynne's words) for her birthday lunch, and I did not sway her....

 So excited about her Twinkle Toes, from Mommy & Daddy...she really wanted these, and can't wait to get them on...

 Daddy helping with the Barbie jeep.....everything Barbie and girly, that's our girls...(hmmm still pretty hot for an old married
 Why is there a spotted cat in almost every picture...ugh.....Bella helping Brynne "dig in"
After the festivities we had a light dinner at home and of course cake..... with 4 swirly candles...she loved it!

Today was a good day, a bitter sweet one. One that I missed our family for, my friends...having a real birthday party for her, something we have not really done for any of them since we moved here....It was sad in a lot of ways, but am so grateful in many others...her health, her spunky spirit, her loving and generous heart (even when Bella's isn't). She is a beautiful little girl, and am thankful I was talked into her 4 yearsand 10 months ago....

Happy Birthday Brynne Dahlia.....I Love You!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Busy..

Ok, I had to mention..the song playing...LOVE IT, my new fav!

I have been outta the loop again..MIA.....haha...We have been painting, or should I say my husband did the rolling part, now I am going in for the cut in...that is how we share the painting duties! He has been home this week, and it is 95% painted up stairs! YAY!!

Bella started with a low grade fever on Thursday after dance, which went to 103*m so she was home from school Friday...I feel like we can't catch a break on the sickness thing sometimes here!! We have never in our lives been this sick..funny Scotty asked me Friday when I picked him up at school,  "How come you never get sick mom?", I told him, because I am the mom, and it is not in my job description, I have no sick days and no sick pay...haha

My baby girl tuns 4 on Monday, and I am a little sad..I can't believe it! We will be celebrating tomorrow,  and then cupcakes to her class on Tuesday...Sweet girl, I will have some pics in my next post...(blogs are no fun if there are no pics, IMHO)

I signed Bella up for softball...and had already gotten Scotty signed up for Baseball, it will be busy, but I have a  couple good friends on the girls team, that will be able to help me out, if I need will help keep me busy, occupy my time when Scott is gone...

Well it had been beautiful weather the last few days, like 80....I was sooooo happy! We will see what today brings!
Big Hugs
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After me thinking

The kids had a great day at school, exchanging Valentines with friends and eating way too many sweets!!

They were ever so excited to get home, because before htey left I had told them they had a little surprise for them when they got home... you know this gift was secretly for myself....

And I did......Even though it less than met ones expectations.... That would be Scotty, he actually thought there was a video game in his little robot bag, HA! There was a small toy ($5) each of them got 3 pieces of candy, and a card.....None of which was all that exciting to my son. My sweet son, who is now growing up..

So it got me thinking about Valentines Day, and any holiday for that matter, and I thought how sad it was that something extravagant was expected...That we as parents have set them up for big things, over the top things, and how it really is very was a small something to say I LOVE YOU, and that I was thinking of you....and it is some how not enough in kids eyes...or atleast my kid.

After the treat wrapping was said and done....I had ONE thank you, without being prompted, and that was Brynne. she said  "thank you mommy for my Valentines", and somehow that made it all better.....

I am not a person who puts "expectations" on others, because when you EXPECT, you will be let down, it never fails
I am one however who tries to ACCEPT, accept what you are given or dealt in life, and dwelling does not help or change the situation...Only you, yourself can control your own actions and choices....

Best self taught lesson of my life.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

First of all I must express my UPSET that Justin Bieber did not win last night...Really...are you kidding me? Who was that chick? In my uproar, I immediatley turned it off, and switched over to th RHOAtlanta reunion, to which I missed the first 40 minutes of, wasting my time watching the Grammy awards...ok now that I let loose of that we go!!

Happy Valentines Day!

My kidos were off to school with Valentines in hand..all the excitement of what the day will bring!! I put their stuff together this morning, they'll have a lil' surprise when they get home!
Oh yes, this lil the idea from Char over at Crap I've Made....I have VERY little Valentine decor, so that will be on the "TO DO" list for next year...

gotta LOVE the dollar bins at Target..aren't these bags cute? for a buck!!

The kids weren't technically having a party, but we were able to bring a special treat for them, even though they are allowed to do the candy I made these.....

 Aren't they super cute!! These are actually for Brynne's class tomorrow, I made them for both Scotty and Bella's class, they are gonna love it.....before you give me a big pat on the back..I got this great idea, and FREE printable, from another creative mamma.....over at tatertots and jello, who was featured on Jen's site..lotsa creative things going on over there...check it out, amazing women!
Have a Happy V-day! Big hugs!!

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