Friday, February 25, 2011

Principal's Pride times 2!

Yesterday I went up to the school to have lunch with my kidos..A couple weeks back, Mr. Pasqua had told me that Scotty was going to be getting the Principal's Pride award for the past 6 weeks! Yay! At our breakfast conversation, I told the kids I would be up to have lunch and we talked about Scotty getting the award(he already knew) I told Bella I would also be there for her lunch..In and amongst the conversation, Bella started to whine about how Scotty gets everything, and she gets nothing...when it comes to awards..

After I dropped off the kids, I ended up coming home for a half an hour before I had to take Brynne, I switched laundry and checked e-mail...and received a last minute notice from Bella's teacher, telling me that Bella was getting Principal's Pride for this 6 weeks! Woo Hooo!! So she did not tell Bella, and neither did I when I go to lunch...You should have seen the look on her face when they called her name, priceless!!!

It was a good time, and glad that I am able to go to the school for that! Although when Scotty came in to lunch, he looked a little off, and then told me he didn't feel we go again.....

I called and got him in to see the Dr, and he has an ear infection, and possible strep. She tested him, and the results were negative, but she said by the looks of his throat and the 103* fever, she wasn't buyin Amoxicillan here we come, and ANOTHER missed day of school...of course...

Do you know since we came here Scotty has missed 13 days of school? NEVER in his life has he missed that much school...I thin at home our last year he MAYBE missed 2 days, the entire year....This my friends is getting old.... for both of us...and then he asked me again this week...."Mom, why don't you ever get sick?", again my answer was, "I can't, I don't have any sick days available...."

Happy Friday Friends....
Big Hugs!
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