Monday, January 31, 2011

Not much New

We have had a relaxing weekend! Just hung out, Scott came home Friday night, so we were all glad to see him!! We had beautiful weather in the 70's, but that is all about to change, to freezing rain and 15 degrees...YES I said 15, and are you kidding me? So I will be going to the grocery store today, and getting that outta the way before the arctic weather rolls in later tonight! Weather like that, IS a time, that I miss home.

Brynne will be on her way to the DR this a.m., her nose is so gross and stuffy, it is awful! Scotty is all better, and I will be dowsing with Lysol again this morning, in my bed stripping cleaning spree.....

Saturday we went to The Galleria mall, which is HUGE and has lotsa really expensive shops in it...Plus a free standing HUGE American Girl Doll Store. So we have never been to AG, and we do not own one of the pretty $100 dolls...Well her birthday is coming up in April, and in our conversation the other week as I was taking her to a birthday party at a local bowling/game place, I told her we had a decision to make, rather she did. I know how much she wants one of these dolls, and explained to her that there was no way we could be able to have a big party ($$$) and do a gift like that. That she would have to choose one or the other. She chose an American Girl doll. So we window shopped at the store this weekend, and really I don't know if I realize what I got myself into....First off, I saw so many moms and girls, you would not know we are in a recession or that anyone was cutting back, it was that busy!

It was funny, there were a lot of really "done up" moms, expensive clothes and purses, and for a minute when we first got there, I felt like I was the out girl in High School...Dumb huh? I think so much financially has changed for us, but more so mentally. I used to be a DIE HARD shopper....I mean a lot, back when Bella was younger. Die hard Gymboree, and only Gymboree....Coach was my favorite thing, and I have lotsa shoes and bags....But really, it doesn't matter all that much anymore. I haven't been to Gymboree in forever, and Coach, well that either...BUT I don't know if it our small town life now, or just us growing as people, but it just is not as important as it used to be...maybe partly because we don't have as much spendable income, I don't know, but I do know, IT is OK....

So Sunday we went to church, great service again....and then headed home. We laid low, and watched the pro bowl, won't really waste my time doing that again...BORING! I sewed a little, am trying to finish up a few outfits for some people, and start a Valentines one for my girlies....they will be excited!

Hope YOUR Monday is off to a great start....OH one thing I forgot, we were in Best Buy last week, and I heard a very exciting piece of news....are you ready? Sit down?......we are getting a ...............
COSTCO....obviously not in our town of 5k people, BUT close, very close my friends, and I could not be a happier me some Costco! Also, an IN N OUT in Frisco......woo hoo!!!!!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Am A Texan Now

So these came today......they were my birthday present.....

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Aren't they freakin' adorable.....As if getting my hair done wasn't enough, am feeling on top of the world...or at least Texas!!
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Fantabulous Friday!

I have been outta the loop again, Scotty ended up back at the dr yesterday....MAJOR sinus infection! Like so bad, that they tested him for strep...but it was just the guck running down his throat! YUCK! Today I went out, ran some errands and in search of Orange fabric...It is very hard to find, and still did not have the best luck, but it was better than Nothing!

Cute huh? Paired up with some cheetah print fabric, I think it will be great for some "bobcat" pride outfits!!

So out in my ventures I hit up Marshalls in search of some cute Skechers slip on type maryjanes...they had 2 pair, super cute, but not my small foot size! Then I ran across these on the clearance rack...they happen to be great for Celina as well, and a steal at $15 bucks!!YAY for me!

I always love a great deal and can never pass em up!!

I looked for Valentines stuff, but guess I am a little late, considering the shelves are plastered with Easter stuff I will have to plan better for next year! Lol...

What are you up to today?? Anything Fantabulous??

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flu B

Scotty tested positive for Flu B on we go! This is the most well we have been for about 6 weeks, and it seems to start the cycle all over again! Brynne has a runny nose, and everyone is coughing...Thankfully we all had our Flu shots, and his case was mild in comparison to what has been going around here! Strep, Flu & Stomach Virus...LOVELY!

Thankfully he woke to no fever this a.m. and was able to compete in the UIL Competition...YAY! So the judging will take place in February, I am just so proud he even got to compete!

On another note, the exercise thing...OK I am way more out of shape than I could have imagined!
I got on my new Best friend, and lasted a whopping 8 minutes! Helllooooo are you kidding me? Then yesterday I made it to 10, we will see if I can do 12 tonight...Sadly a certain child managed to erase ALL 150 OF MY DVR hours, ALL my shows, I am very sad, and I could have cried...and no it was not the little one, in fact I think it was the big one. Obviously it was not on purpose, but none the less, New Rule, DO NOT TOUCH THE REMOTE! I will do it!!

Am going to work on a few Valentines things decorating, and outfits for my girls, so I will update you on that too!

Good thing everyone is making it back to school tomorrow, I can get a few things done!

Blessings all!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Best Friend, not by choice

This would be my new Best friend, not by choice...but by the fact that I weigh....way over my limit, and am now faced with the cold hard truth that I for the first time in my 37 years,  I HAVE to exercise!

I found my new Best Friend on Craigslist for cheap..and it is LIKE NEW, the guy used it less than a handful of times, my gain....

So I am going to get on this thing starting tomorrow, and see how that fares, along with cutting my portions in half and having one shakeology a day...wish me luck!! (I will need it)

On other notes, we have made it to church this weekend, along with last, and am loving the message...talking about how it is not about "I" or "US" but about "HIM"...It has been very uplifting and look forward to next week. I also joined a few life groups, one for my self only, a women's bible study, and the other two, a family picnic in the park 1x a month and a marriage one 1x a month...with our sweet friends Susan and Jason, so it should be great fun, and am hoping to LEARN more!! We had thought about trying a local church in our town, but Scott wanted to stay where we were, and really I Love our church so far, I just wished it were in Celina!!

I have been struggling with a few personal issues and some school concerns, and am praying hard about them both, praying God will lead me down the path that I can be at peace with my choices and decisions that I have made in my life, I lay my worries, hurts, fears and concerns at the feet of my Heavenly father, I know he will guide me.

In His Grace,

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Once a week posts...ain't gonna cut it!!

So here I am Finally Posting, and it is already Friday!! I am a bad blogger! Not too much has been going on..Scott has been home all week, we have had guys here trying to get wrapped up on finishing our upstairs project...Bella started a cheer-dance class on Thursdays, she Loved it last night!! Scotty had an appointment to follow up on his arm yesterday and all is well and healed, Thankfully! YAY, I have the baseball form all filled out and ready to drop off!! it has been FREEZING here, literally...It is so cold and icy, I am grateful the sun is out today!

I did send my nieces birthday gift and now I can share with you what I painted...

For my first painting adventure, I think it came out really good, even if I say so myself!! haha..Bella has a birthday party tomorrow and is staying the night, the we are going to church Sunday and planting ourselves on the couch for football......who do you think is going to the SuperBowl??
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost another week...

I can't believe it has been almost all week and I have not posted....ugh...I have been trying to keep busy, bu mostly trying to keep warm!! The other day when I took the kids to school, Helllooooo it was 17, like 17 degrees...All week there have been remnants of the snow we got, because to day is the first day the temperature was above freezing, mind you that is 32 degrees, and that was the high...

So aside from freezing, we went on a school field trip, it was so fun, it was a science/math type place for kids, and the whole second grade class went and had a lot of fun...they also do B-Day parties and camps, something to keep in mind when we are out of school, fo' sho'!!

I have done a little sewing, and painting...YEP, I painted a came out really good, but I can not show it til next week, as it is a gift for a someone once I send it, and they open it, I'll post a picture.... but here is the dress I made for my sweet friend and awesome hair stylist, April...her daughters' name is Lyric..soooo cute!

I have sewn outfits for Bella and Brynne in the same fabric, I loved it so much, but I haven't snapped a picture of them in them's coming!!

I have been feeling fat, and have been unable to get motivated...I want an elliptical machine, so that is my goal next week, am gonna get one, plant it in front of the TV, and start recording Young and the Restless (which I have not watched in about 4 years) and I am only recording it because it is a daily show, and believe me that is what it is gonna take to lose the weight I want...But I did decide to spray tan..I needed something, to make my dimples look better, and not the ones on my

Yay tomorrow is Friday, and No School on Monday!!! woo looking forward to a long weekend! how about You??
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Well it snowed yesterday, not a lot but enough to be super fluffy and thick, but the kids felt it enough to play in....and they did!!

Mind You this was Daisy's first time in the snow, and she was kinda crazy...running super fast like a wild animal..

Now Scotty decided to throw a snowball at her..not very nice!
 Snowball down the back, courtesy of a sister..

 Daisy "helping" Scotty do something...she always has to be where they are!
 Trying to play sly.....I know different..
 Looks a little Chilly...Sweet Booey

 Two sisters working together against the usual

 The big sister telling Brynne we need 2 shovels...and Brynne doing her best to carry them both!!

All in all it was a fun, relaxing day...watched football made cookies, ate was great family time, and that is what matters most!!
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My FIRST Blog Award...Stylish Blogger

So I received my FIRST blog award....woo hoo....Thanks to my nomination from Monique at Making Memories of Us... To Ashley at Give me the Simple Life...I am here..Thank You Gurfrens for thinking of me...reading this blog, when sometimes I think no one does!!! Thank You!!!!

7 things about me.....
1. I have am a newer Christian, sometimes still trying to figure it all out, Learning to find My relationship with God..
2. LOVE my Husband the mostest, he is my bestest friend...LOVE my kidos...
3. Am VERY creative...
4. Love to sew (even though I have been told "you don't look like a sewer"...Never judge by appearance, someone just might surprise you!
5. I am a great friend, daughter, sister and Auntie...I miss my friends and family....
6. Love Diet Coke and cookies...very weak in that department!!
7. Love being outside in the sun, by a pool, and being tan...something I am not right now!!

Blogs I have no particular order....

Monique at Making Memories of Us
Ashley at Give me the Simple Life
Heather at The Cunningham Fam
Jen at Tatertots and Jello
Lianna at Growing our own Garden
Char at Crap I've Made
Donna at Quiet Life
Kim at Small Words Blog
Carissa at Brown Eyed Fox
Jennisa at The Princess Diaries

So sad but I do not have 15 ...I have my ones I read just about Daily, but some of them are big blogs...ya know like
Kelly's Korner
The Pioneer Woman
and my most favorite................The Meanest Mom...LOVE HER!!

Am off to make my cookies and contact my fellow blog pals...
Have a truly wonderful Sunday...stay warm if your in a cold place!!
Big Hugs!!
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Snowy Sunday....

So I had planned to get our Christmas lights down, Do some stuff around the house...But this has forced a change of plans....
 So ignore the trashed top cover of our playset...I guess that is what wind over time does to things!!!
 The change in weather, of course with a little planning forced me to do this.....and it has also forced me to turn on the oven, to make cookies, another thing I don't need!
 Chili has to have onion, in my book, and LOTSA cheese, and a dollop of sour cream!
 Crockpotting nicely, and my house is smelling wonderful right now!!
Make it a great day, enjoy your quiet space, do something fun, something creative, which I have been working on a few things, I will post them this week...Fun!

Freezing my buns off, (I wish that were literally true).....
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Friday, January 7, 2011


I thought this week would never end....and now we are preparing for it to be COLD, like freezing COLD Monday-Tuesday..YIKES!!

The kids progress/report cards came home yesterday, and again, like all year, they have continued to succeed and grow, we are very proud of both of them...The last one for Bella she struggled, due to not paying attention, and now has been working hard on bringing that grade back up, along with her reading level, which jumped from a 4 to a 10!! YAY Beetle!!! Along with that GREAT handwriting grade too...awesome work !!

 Scotty made the A honor roll again...AND is in a creative writing class, I think I mentioned that before.. BUT, I also received an e-mail from the writing teacher, asking to talk to me..I spoke to her this morning, Scotty was one of 4 kids, out of the entire second grade, that is a lot of kids!! Who was asked to compete in the UIL Competition. It is a writing competition, that will be held here in Celina for the next 2 years. I guess they hold them every year, at various schools in the district and they and move the actual place of competition every two years. I asked the teacher, and she said there are LOTS of kids, and that the competition covers the entire district, which spans all the way out to Bonham!!

This is a really BIG accomplishment...I remember at our old school, seeing all the kids writing work in the front office, and how nice their handwriting was, their capitalization and punctuation...these were things Scotty rrreeeaaaallllyyyy struggled with, his handwriting was hardly legible...this is really something we are proud of him for, and he is very proud of himself!! We are so excited!!!!

We have been keeping busy, it has been tough being inside a lot, especially the change in weather..the last couple days were in the low 60's, so the kids got outside a little, but this next week....COLD, and I am not looking forward to it..I have my comfort food menu all set..
Saturday-Going out, for my belated birthday dinner...YUM! I can't decide between Mexican or Cheesecake Factory...hhmmm
Sunday-Chili and cornbread
Monday-Pulled beef sandwiches and mac & cheese (homemade of course)

And then I wonder why I am in need of an elliptical...well because if I want to continue to eat what I like, I must exercise, it is a hard fact for me to face, as I have not worked out at all in any way in the last 11 years, well now it is showing...and not in a good way!!!

Hey, maybe one of my kids will bring me home a careful what I wish for!!
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