Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost another week...

I can't believe it has been almost all week and I have not posted....ugh...I have been trying to keep busy, bu mostly trying to keep warm!! The other day when I took the kids to school, Helllooooo it was 17, like 17 degrees...All week there have been remnants of the snow we got, because to day is the first day the temperature was above freezing, mind you that is 32 degrees, and that was the high...

So aside from freezing, we went on a school field trip, it was so fun, it was a science/math type place for kids, and the whole second grade class went and had a lot of fun...they also do B-Day parties and camps, something to keep in mind when we are out of school, fo' sho'!!

I have done a little sewing, and painting...YEP, I painted a came out really good, but I can not show it til next week, as it is a gift for a someone once I send it, and they open it, I'll post a picture.... but here is the dress I made for my sweet friend and awesome hair stylist, April...her daughters' name is Lyric..soooo cute!

I have sewn outfits for Bella and Brynne in the same fabric, I loved it so much, but I haven't snapped a picture of them in them's coming!!

I have been feeling fat, and have been unable to get motivated...I want an elliptical machine, so that is my goal next week, am gonna get one, plant it in front of the TV, and start recording Young and the Restless (which I have not watched in about 4 years) and I am only recording it because it is a daily show, and believe me that is what it is gonna take to lose the weight I want...But I did decide to spray tan..I needed something, to make my dimples look better, and not the ones on my

Yay tomorrow is Friday, and No School on Monday!!! woo looking forward to a long weekend! how about You??
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