Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For My Sister.....Remember when....

Remember when we used to do this????

I.DO. Our poor cats, I distinctly remember a pink buggy stroller with a cat dressed in baby clothes...socks and all, with about 19 blankets on them!!! haha..so I was looking at some pictures on our computer, and came across these, and wanted to tell my sister I.LOVE.YOU and miss you!!!

Hope everyone is great, we are...it was about 80 today...woohoo!!! But with the wind blowing, it feels more like 70ish...But the sun is shining and it is great!

We did go to church on Sunday, it was really good, and really what we needed!! All of us. It reminded me of Rancho, like I thought it would but it was MUCH smaller, with a great "family" feeling...it was a great service and a wonderful message about giving, without expectations....how it can be the very BEST feeling...so I am going to work on that.....

Have a blessed day!!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunsets & Cows....

So yesterday we went for a drive..and stumbled upon a little asphalt road, that I was sure was going to lead us to the middle of nowhere, and it did...BUT it was a serene place off the main highway that was beautiful..there were a few ranches and a lake with a picnic area....there were cows all over, and while there were steer, they were busily eating and would not look at me for nothin'!!

Bella is going to a birthday party today then to her little friends house...Scotty had baseball this morning...so we are home..just laying low...

Finally going to make it to church tomorrow...I will let you know how that goes, they seemed very nice and it reminded me of Rancho, where we used to go, I will let you know after we go...I have prayed that it will be great!!

Have a beautiful wonderful Saturday..make the most of it..it goes by too fast!!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When they say it is going to rain.....IT IS GOING TO RAIN

So there was a chance of thunderstorms today...it was pretty clear until about 6pm...then they started to roll in...THE CLOUDS....they looked pretty harmless,thought we would see a few showers...before I knew it the sky was a scary gray, moving fast, and behind it followed a torrential down pour..complete with thunder and lightening. I just snapped a few, and came in to put them on...this is really cool!!!! it is raining ssssoooo hard right now!!!!

Have a great night!!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I.AM.COLD......Are you kidding me?

So we woke up to snow...on the 2nd day of Spring.....It is COLD, WINDY, and YES SNOWING....I am done!!!! It is bad enough that the one day is was going to hit "70"...I was excited, but the WIND...That is something that is hard to get used to, besides the fact it makes it colder, and my hair, oh forget about it!!! So it is a whopping 9:30 and the kids have already been out, that tells me I will be washing a mere 18 pairs of socks, not to mention the wet pants, mittens, jackets and hats.....and that we will not be leaving the house, again....

Yesterday was really the first day I missed "home"...I think that Scott is there, it was 80, and I was stuck here alone, cold and gloomy...did not help none!! I am going to get settled by the fire and watch a movie..I can tell it is going to be a long day...and I will have you know, they better not cancel school tomorrow, or you may find me locked in a closet......

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can do anything you can do......Anything!

So we have been doing a lot of baseball practice and park going, the last few days...that the weather has been great!! I was going through some pics I snapped at the park, when we were practicing baseball with Scotty, YES I realize this is Bella in the pictures...as I was going through them, I realized I only snapped a few of her...BUT as I looked at them, I saw what I really see every day in her, only this time I had time to think about HER..

See she is my I can do anything kid....Not shy, not afraid, well only if you count the monkey bars the first time...She rode a bike around the first try, when Scotty could barely do it..She did. She is my determined, no one will get her down, let alone beat her...she brushes off "girl attacks" like they were never said, She is strong...way stronger than I ever was at that age, let alone any age....

Her stance in the pictures, her glove up and ready...this is Her....My sweet beetle....My Bella B....I Love Her....

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While I was chatting.....

Last night, the girls had had their baths, Daddy and Scotty were at baseball practice...and I was chatting, on the phone with my mom..to look over and see my Booey...asleep on the hardwood floor in front of the fire place....so sweet....

Though it did not last long, not really because of me carrying her into her bed and waking up...but that fact that she pooped her pants, THEN fell asleep...I mean really..... shouldn't someone be potty training this kid??

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Normal Life...

Hi everyone, I know I said I was going to take pics of steer...however I did not get around to it!! We spent almost everyday, of the last 3 at the park with the kids...playing and practicing baseball!! The weather has been so awesome, until today, which was gloomy and possible thunderstorms...but it was great!! it has been great having Scott home..and we have been soaking up every minute of it!!

Scotty is really liking baseball...he has gotten a lot better just with the practices and stuff, it has been great to watch him grow into liking it again... The kids are off school this week for spring break and it has been relatively quiet...We hit a costco today, which was much needed, I actually have meat to cook in my freezer now!! YEAH...now we need a little BBQ..

Scott will be heading to LA this week, we will be missing him...I do not want him to go!! I hear the weather is awesome at home right now, I am missing that for sure!!

Well I hope I will get out and snap a few steer pics..it was the craziest thing, and I told Scott today I wished i had my camera...we were heading to Costco, and off the freeway in a bigger city, I saw some horses grazing, and the back drop were big "city" type buildings..it was just so odd to me to see country smack dab in the middle of a city!!

Big Hugs to you all and i miss you....I have to congratulate my girlfriend...Shelby, she is pregnant with baby #2...due in November sometime...I am so happy for you girl!!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...not too many though!!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing all that interesting......

Today has been pretty uneventful...the wind has been blowing like CRAZY here...I think that will take time to get used to! Not much has been new...just feeling a little lonely the last few days...I think I have my good and not so good days..like everyone..But I think it hits me when little things happen, where I am used to having Family or Friends I could count on!! Like today Scotty woke up with his ear hurting...I found a pediatrician, got the appointment, but it was at 2:15..well I had to take Bella out as well, and trapse all 3 to the doctor, because I would not have made it back by 3 to pick her up...UGH!

While I have been very fortunate to meet some nice ladies, I think it will just take time...Then with summer right around the corner and really not any friends, it might make for a long and lonely summer.....I am trying to be positive, but this is just hard!! Harder at some times than I thought it would be!!

On another note, Scott will be home tonight..the SUN is shining bright today...and I got to catch up with Melissa today..it had been a while, but was glad i got to vent to my Best friend!! I miss her....

I have got to get out and snap some pics..there are a few areas I really want to take some pictures of...This weekend is a must!! Also I think we are trying a church on Sunday, so am looking forward to that!! I saw the most awesome steer the other day, the horns were HUGE..I definitely want a picture of them!!
Have a wonderful Friday, it is the start of our Spring break!
Big Hugs Friends...

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Sweet Apple Eater....

Oh my Booey..that is what we call Brynne. She is so cute! I could eat her up!! I snapped these the other day, while she was enjoying a "mini" red apple, the kids saw them at the store and wanted them...they are cute little apples for little kids, while I probably paid more for them, I guess atleast we are not waisting them!! That is my rationalization anyway!!

The sun is shining today...whoo hoo!! My husband is leaving....boo hoo!

The kids have open house tonight, they are very excited!! Me too...maybe I can actually meet some of the kids' parents!!

Keeping my head up and headed out to have have lunch with my husband..have a WONDERFUL day!!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dreary Sunday

So the rain is coming....and it is dreary..that is a hard thing to get used to for me. I never knew i would be so excited to see sun and 65 degrees..I can't wait til it gets hotter!!

We had Scotty's first baseball practice yesterday, it was good, he really enjoyed it and the moms were ssssoooo nice!! Yeah! I am feeling it a little harder to amke friends here, but am off to a slow but good start. I think it is hard being "new", while it is easier for the kids, I feel out of place, like a new kid in Middle school or something!! UGH!

We are laying low today...I am already dreading Tuesday when Scott leaves again, i feel pretty lonely.. But he will be home the following week and the kids are off school for spring break that week as well....

Maybe I will see what pics I can get today, even though it is dreary..

I snapped a few of Scotty practicing....


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Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling a little ill....

Hi All...

So am feeling a little under the weather today...I think Brynne gave me her stomach bug! Otherwise things are good, Scott comes home tonight and Scotty has his first baseball practice tomorrow, so that should be GREAT!! He kinda freaked about it, I think it brought back memories from last year "Hit by the ball the most-trophy!" But we got his gear, and now he is all good...

I found this picture and wanted to post it, it was one of my all time Favs!!

Have a great weekend Big Hugs!

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