Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can do anything you can do......Anything!

So we have been doing a lot of baseball practice and park going, the last few days...that the weather has been great!! I was going through some pics I snapped at the park, when we were practicing baseball with Scotty, YES I realize this is Bella in the I was going through them, I realized I only snapped a few of her...BUT as I looked at them, I saw what I really see every day in her, only this time I had time to think about HER..

See she is my I can do anything kid....Not shy, not afraid, well only if you count the monkey bars the first time...She rode a bike around the first try, when Scotty could barely do it..She did. She is my determined, no one will get her down, let alone beat her...she brushes off "girl attacks" like they were never said, She is strong...way stronger than I ever was at that age, let alone any age....

Her stance in the pictures, her glove up and ready...this is Her....My sweet beetle....My Bella B....I Love Her....

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