Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing all that interesting......

Today has been pretty uneventful...the wind has been blowing like CRAZY here...I think that will take time to get used to! Not much has been new...just feeling a little lonely the last few days...I think I have my good and not so good everyone..But I think it hits me when little things happen, where I am used to having Family or Friends I could count on!! Like today Scotty woke up with his ear hurting...I found a pediatrician, got the appointment, but it was at 2:15..well I had to take Bella out as well, and trapse all 3 to the doctor, because I would not have made it back by 3 to pick her up...UGH!

While I have been very fortunate to meet some nice ladies, I think it will just take time...Then with summer right around the corner and really not any friends, it might make for a long and lonely summer.....I am trying to be positive, but this is just hard!! Harder at some times than I thought it would be!!

On another note, Scott will be home tonight..the SUN is shining bright today...and I got to catch up with Melissa had been a while, but was glad i got to vent to my Best friend!! I miss her....

I have got to get out and snap some pics..there are a few areas I really want to take some pictures of...This weekend is a must!! Also I think we are trying a church on Sunday, so am looking forward to that!! I saw the most awesome steer the other day, the horns were HUGE..I definitely want a picture of them!!
Have a wonderful Friday, it is the start of our Spring break!
Big Hugs Friends...

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