Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunsets & Cows....

So yesterday we went for a drive..and stumbled upon a little asphalt road, that I was sure was going to lead us to the middle of nowhere, and it did...BUT it was a serene place off the main highway that was beautiful..there were a few ranches and a lake with a picnic area....there were cows all over, and while there were steer, they were busily eating and would not look at me for nothin'!!

Bella is going to a birthday party today then to her little friends house...Scotty had baseball this we are home..just laying low...

Finally going to make it to church tomorrow...I will let you know how that goes, they seemed very nice and it reminded me of Rancho, where we used to go, I will let you know after we go...I have prayed that it will be great!!

Have a beautiful wonderful Saturday..make the most of goes by too fast!!

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