Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dreary Sunday

So the rain is coming....and it is dreary..that is a hard thing to get used to for me. I never knew i would be so excited to see sun and 65 degrees..I can't wait til it gets hotter!!

We had Scotty's first baseball practice yesterday, it was good, he really enjoyed it and the moms were ssssoooo nice!! Yeah! I am feeling it a little harder to amke friends here, but am off to a slow but good start. I think it is hard being "new", while it is easier for the kids, I feel out of place, like a new kid in Middle school or something!! UGH!

We are laying low today...I am already dreading Tuesday when Scott leaves again, i feel pretty lonely.. But he will be home the following week and the kids are off school for spring break that week as well....

Maybe I will see what pics I can get today, even though it is dreary..

I snapped a few of Scotty practicing....


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