Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey all....sorry I have been out of the loop..we have had a LOT goings on and a visitor this weekend, will post more later....

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last night we went to eat at one of my FAVS since we moved here..I am a die hard "mexican food fan"...Like really, I could eat it everyday, and NEVER get tired of it! So the first time I flew into Dallas, to check out the area, Scott had already been here before...right of the plane, we ate at Cristina's..and have been eating there weekly since! It is even better when it is Monday or Tuesday...because kids eat FREE!! Woo Hoo....

So last night we went there, for an early dinner, and since Scott was gone, I did not feel to I enjoyed this!!

Brynne was being a little crabby so I snapped these...

Then there was a silly beetle..and a sweet Scotty....

All in all it was good...we got home and watched a super sad movie...Hatchi..It is based on a true story, and it was VERY SAD...I am not a huge Lover of dogs, even though in my mind I would like one, but this story was a great one! I recommend it, and we were bawling our eyes out..Me and Bella that is, then Brynne had to throw a few tears in too..ya know she doesn't like being left out! haha....

And about me not really being into dogs, while I love the idea, and really do want my kids to have a dog, for along time..I have to let some of my "issues" go, like certain cleaning issues, vacuuming, picking up poo, ya know like not being able to up and leave for a trip without someone having to "watch" the dog...So the begging my kids have been doing for a dog....... might be a while? eh?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of YOU!!! i hope you have had a wonderful day, filled with Love and fun, making memories with your families..The ones that are near and far, I hope you have sent your L.O.V.E out to em'

We have been hanging out today, Bella woke up with her eye glued shut, ya gotta love the ol' pink eye, so that prevented us from going top church. I spent 2 hrs of the morning in Urgent Care, and then we went to Chipotle..I love that place!! i actually took a nap, and now am trying to scramble to throw something together for we'll head out!!

I love you Mom, and I miss you...To My mother in sister and sister in law..I hope you have had a great day!! For my gurfrens...I miss you and wish you great memories today!

Lotsa Love and hugs to you!!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday to my Fabulous Husband.....

My husband turns 40 today....WOW!! I can't believe it!! It will be my turn in a few years, something I don't even want to think about AT ALL.

Scott had been in Florida this week, and flew in today, in time to make it to see the baby ducks, and pitch at Scotty's baseball game, in which they WON!!!! Woo Hoo Go Eagles!! We were sssooo excited! Our kids have struggled a little this year, and now that there are only a few games left, they come alive! We won, they actually played a really good game, it was awesome!!

Tonight we opened gifts, that Scotty in particular was dying to give his dad...and we went to dinner at SaltGrass steakhouse..It was yummy!! Daddy got an IPOD touch, a massage gift card and a Bible....It was great, and we had a good dinner..unfortuneatley it is hard to get pictures of all of us, but here is what I did manage to get..

Well am off to bed and ready for Mother's day tomorrow...I will for sure have a post again tomorrow...

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mama's and their babies

Well yesterday I was driving to get the kids from school, and I went through a housing tract by the kids school (I am ALWAYS looking at houses) anyways, there is a little lake, and low and behold I saw this.....

They were we stopped by there after school and the kids held them, loved them, and wanted to bring them home! "Mom, PPPLLEEAASSSEEE, Just one Mom, PPPLLLEEEAASSSEE"...Obviously they do not realize what "moms" do, otherwise they would have known, that those babies can not survive without their mama's....Just like my own kids, but they fail to see that now....It will come in time.

This one has to be about my favorite!!! Lil Booey, look at her hands, like she was almost afraid....oohhh

So in closing with this little photo op... It is my Husband's Fabulously 40th Birthday today...I will see if I can snap a few pictures of our evening....

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mimi!!

Just a quick note to say Hi and wish Mimi aka mom/Jan a Happy Happy Birthday!! Wish we could be there to celebrate and hug you in real life...hope your day is a happy wonderful one that is filled with many Blessings!!
Love ya, the gang

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

just a lil' sumfin...

I have been busily sewing last week while Scott was out of town, and thus far since he has been home, I have NOT been sewing...ugh... But we have been spending some good time together, and we are off to baseball...2 games today and pictures..They are calling for Thunderstorms, which will probably happen as soon as I show up at the field..which is usually the way it works for me! haha

Here is to a wonderful Saturday, make it real..make it special...make an impression..TODAY!!

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