Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday to my Fabulous Husband.....

My husband turns 40 today....WOW!! I can't believe it!! It will be my turn in a few years, something I don't even want to think about AT ALL.

Scott had been in Florida this week, and flew in today, in time to make it to see the baby ducks, and pitch at Scotty's baseball game, in which they WON!!!! Woo Hoo Go Eagles!! We were sssooo excited! Our kids have struggled a little this year, and now that there are only a few games left, they come alive! We won, they actually played a really good game, it was awesome!!

Tonight we opened gifts, that Scotty in particular was dying to give his dad...and we went to dinner at SaltGrass steakhouse..It was yummy!! Daddy got an IPOD touch, a massage gift card and a Bible....It was great, and we had a good dinner..unfortuneatley it is hard to get pictures of all of us, but here is what I did manage to get..

Well am off to bed and ready for Mother's day tomorrow...I will for sure have a post again tomorrow...

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