Friday, June 29, 2012

anything but uneventful...

So this week has flown by...but not quietly! UGH!!! We swam with the Johnson's last Sunday and I snapped a few pics...

The kids did VBS at First Baptist Celina...It was awesome! they had a great time, and did lotsa fun stuff! This was the funnest, Crazy hair day! It ran from Sunday night til Thursday (last night) ending with a cook out and mingling, it was really nice.

From this point the week was great, but Wednesday it went south!! If your faint of heart or squeemish...scroll down quickly or stop reading! My husband had an injury/accident on Wednesday morning...Not Good!! He was jacking the trailer up with a jack, and the jack collapsed! there is a side door on the trailer, that when the trailer fell, it caught his foot.. he is lucky to have his toes, let alone that he did not lose his could have been worse... Our good firemen of Celina, took him to Centennial Hospital in Frisco, who were Fabulous (btw) he ended up with 9 stitches and a pair of crutches...along with some pain meds and antibiotics...and I am sure a scar.....
To end this post a more pleasant thought........look at my sneak peak of our pictures at the sunflower fields.....I am so excited!! I can hardly contain myself.......

I also made the girls' outfits..they came our really cute, even if I say so myself!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day! A great start to your weekend! Make it count!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

friday already?

We have laid low this week, I have been sick all week....I have bronchitis! I have never had it before and the coughing is killing me!!! We have hung out around the house, been outside in the evenings, done some pool work, getting the electrical, speaker wires and gas line we're ready to fill in the trenches....a big YAY!!!!

We have a friend living in the foot and a half deep water at the bottom of our pool....this is Lonestar

 No fear...especially from this one...

Then his cousin took up residency in the spa!! The kids went right after them!! It is funny to see them not be afraid of stuff like that, they are like "country kids" from California...see I  knew our hearts were country, we were just stuck in the city!!

I took these Wednesday evening...

Lastly we made an impromptu stop here....

But last night we did the real deal...I have the BEST photographer...and she hooked us up..I'll be posting those REAL pictures when I get them back, I can't wait! She did our pictures last June, when Nicholas was here...I am soooo excited!Thank You Holly!

Just laying low today trying to get fun being sick in the summer!

Happy Friday!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

from my new love new love!

 on the lake
 Aquarius Laughlin...view from our room...

 there are hundreds of acres of these sunflowers bordering Celina and Prosper...they are beautiful!

 We're going here Thursday night for some Professional family pics with my girl, Holly!!
so I am loving instagram..I love the "touches" you can put on the pics...

Happy Tuesday
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a detour

So when we left California to head home, we had planned a stop off in our old stompin' vacation getaway grounds, the river...Arizona. We used to go there so much when our kids were little, up until school age. Then everything changes, you have different obligations! Bella has been out on a boat since she was 2 weeks old, they have grown up going to the river, and my husband misses it THE MOST. In fact it's the only thing he misses about living in California, the river.

We stayed at Aquarius, our room was really nice, and while I always hate staying in Casinos (that's all there is) it's because the smoke. We have a house there, but now with us living in Texas, we rent it out, because 18 hours is a really long time to drive to get there from Texas!!

We had one day out on the lake, courtesy of some friends of ours, we used their boat, since we sold ours when we moved here...thinking about the lakes here, people saying there are snakes in them, and they are murky..kinda deterred me..but now we are thinking maybe next year, after the helluva pool project we have going, it might be time to check out boats and lakes here..since this is our forever home....

 The canyons and mountains are amazing!
 The water is so could drink it if you had too..I love the sandy bottom, the ripples in the water

 they could play in the sand all day...and they did in between boat rides...

 he is getting so big!

 Sorry about the hat of my husbands' in the picture..but I liked this one of Bella

 cooling off...the water is a bit chilly at this time of year. About 74* in the water and 104* outside...So you wouldn't find me in the water til about mid July or so..when the water is warmer and it's about 118*

 There are lotsa canyons and coves of water all up and down Lake Mead, it's nice to stop in them, cool off and then head back out..

 Pictures of us..since we never have any! I always joke, that my kids are not going to know what I looked like when they were little, cause there are never any pictures of me..

 Rows of house boats docked at Katherine's Landing..
So our trip was great with a great much more could I ask for...Now back to starting the summer with my favorite family!!

Big Hugs
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