Friday, June 22, 2012

friday already?

We have laid low this week, I have been sick all week....I have bronchitis! I have never had it before and the coughing is killing me!!! We have hung out around the house, been outside in the evenings, done some pool work, getting the electrical, speaker wires and gas line we're ready to fill in the trenches....a big YAY!!!!

We have a friend living in the foot and a half deep water at the bottom of our pool....this is Lonestar

 No fear...especially from this one...

Then his cousin took up residency in the spa!! The kids went right after them!! It is funny to see them not be afraid of stuff like that, they are like "country kids" from California...see I  knew our hearts were country, we were just stuck in the city!!

I took these Wednesday evening...

Lastly we made an impromptu stop here....

But last night we did the real deal...I have the BEST photographer...and she hooked us up..I'll be posting those REAL pictures when I get them back, I can't wait! She did our pictures last June, when Nicholas was here...I am soooo excited!Thank You Holly!

Just laying low today trying to get fun being sick in the summer!

Happy Friday!
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