Tuesday, June 19, 2012

from my phone...instagram...my new love

instagram...my new love!

 on the lake
 Aquarius Laughlin...view from our room...

 there are hundreds of acres of these sunflowers bordering Celina and Prosper...they are beautiful!

 We're going here Thursday night for some Professional family pics with my girl, Holly!!
so I am loving instagram..I love the "touches" you can put on the pics...

Happy Tuesday
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  1. Hey girlfriend!!!
    It's been such a long time! I was sorry to read Florida didn't work out for y'all. Happy you're back in TX and happy there. My husband Adam played there this past hockey season for a bit. I am so excited that I found you both on Pinterest and Instagram. I sent you a request (MoniquePineault). Your pics are fantastic on your blog (homesweetflorida.blogspot.com). I must invest time on mine soon :S Been a little unfocused lol! I update caringbridge once in a while. Love keepin' in touch. Hey.... you never know, we might end up in TX again this upcoming hockey season. Waiting for a contract so we'll see. Hope you're doing fantastic. Monique


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