Sunday, June 3, 2012

softball swim party

Yesterday we had Bella's softball swim our coaches house. The girls swam and we ate food, and too many sweets!! it was good all around, I got to hang with my good friend, watch our girls swim and lay low, although it was about 93*!! Thankfully it was at 6pm, and we got a lil' bit of shade!!

I didn't snap many pics, probably cause I was too busy chatting!! but I did snap these ones...
Abs and Bels....

 The girls and their Coach, Colleen.. On the trophy is says 1st place..because we won the tournament! Yay Crazy Cats!!
Now it is back to reality, that we are leaving, I am packing like mad and trying to clean so I at least come home to a clean house!!

Happy Sunday.....
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