Wednesday, December 21, 2011

countdown til Christmas

I can not believe Christmas is only a few short days away! I am running crazy like I am sure most of you are too! Am finishing up some online shopping, that will hopefully get here by Christmas eve! Doing laundry and cleaning today to start baking this afternoon...we are having a few friends over Friday afternoon to decorate sugar cookies, I am sure the kids will have a blast and I will be sure to post a few pics!

The other night we had a crazy storm of rain..I think bad weather follows us, or sadly we follow it I am not sure yet! So I snapped a couple pictures, but the clouds were moving so fast, it doesn't show the "real" of what it looked like...

 So do you have an elf on a shelf? We got "Buddy" last year, after a race to many stores, he cam last Christmas eve, a little late I know...But this year he has caused all kinds of mischief, in which I had not posted, as I took the photos with my phone and if you make them bigger they look like crapola.....BUT this morning, he made his appearance known to the kiddos...with Rudolph noses!
 And a friendly note, reminding them to behave, as there are only a few days left!
Happy Hump Day!
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Friday, December 16, 2011

week wrap up...way behind

Hello all! hope you all have had a great week..mine has been a whirlwind, as usual! Monday we ran errands, had some work done on my car and ate Mexican food! (the usual) Tuesday I helped a little bit at the elementary school in a Christmas shoppe they hosted.

Wednesday we went to the Intermediate school to have lunch with Scotty and watch a small reading play in his class...and baked these....the thing I am known for (so I have been told) this was so yummy and also so messy!

the cinnamon rolls.....
 their gooey yumminess...
 The teacher gifts..I did the one and only Bobcat Colors and theme.... Orange and white, I threw in the cheetah ribbon for the bobcats! I did coffee travel cups with hot cocoa, candy and sonic gift cards for each teacher...

 I had to make a small exception for Brynne's teacher as she lives in Prosper...(they are green and eagles) That was not able to be found so I improvised with pink!

So fun! I loved putting it all together...My husband helped me with the cinnamon rolls, I could not have done it without him!

Thursday was full of parties and Brynne's are a few pics of that!

 sweet girl
 H brought much joy to the world was her line in the program
 Mrs. Heather's class tree with hand made ornaments!

 Kambrynn and Brynne (her friend from last year)
 The craft they did was Christmas trees that were ice cream cones with frosting and lotsa candy to use as their ornaments! I think she ate more than she put on!

 Brynne and her teacher Mrs. Heather
 Daddy and Booey
 Mommy and Booey!!(yes I am actually pictured on my own blog!lol)
Sweet reindeer!!
 after that we headed to the other schools for quick parties! Now that I am running to 3 schools it is not as easy to spend quality time at the parties...ugh

at least she moved her hair!lol
Mrs. Dunnam and Bella
Scotty's home room class
Some of Scotty's friends playing bingo, with candy.

I am so bummed I didn't get a picture with Scotty's homeroom teacher...She is awesome, very nice and sweet! Love her!

Overall it has been a great week for the kids, a busy one for me and so on...we have had a few dilemmas arise but I a m prayerful God has a plan and will carry us through!

Today is Friday, the kids had half day and we are lounging. I am not feeling all that great, a little head cold! Yuck, at least it is before Christmas!

On another note, anyone watching The X Factor? The final 3 are in...who are you are voting for? me the underdog..Chris Rene...
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas decorating and my craigslist find

So I spent the good part of my weekend in my jammies! Decorating for Christmas was my goal and I am happy to say it has been achieved! Now all I have left to do this last week that the kids are in school, is get some things wrapped and finish up my stocking shopping...yay!

I pretty much decorated the same as last year..using my favorite things, I went through my stuff last year and got rid of alot of old ornaments that we didn't use or were discolored...I would love to do a picture perfect tree, all green, gold and silver ornaments..perfectly decorated...BUT, we have children, and there is a big part of me that would be sad if all they remembered as kids was a tree that was perfect looking, with no real memories...So I hang all the ornaments, even if they have "outgrown" them, all the handmade ones..I love it!

Every year that I get our Christmas stuff I look at the stockings...and tell myself I want all the handmade ones for everyone. See i made the ones on the left, Scott, Me and Nicholas, and that was as far as I have gotten...well this is my year...I am going to search for some kits, and no they are not the printed ones, they are the counted cross stitch...they take a long time to do, that's for sure! But worth it, I look at Nicholas' and I made that when he was a baby...Now this year he graduates High School...time goes by too fast...

 One of my favorites are the original Rudolph houses, I have a lot of them, sadly some have broken parts (too many moves, lol) But I glued and repaired them the best I could...I still love them!

 Do you remember watching it as a kid? I do, and we so looked forward to it..My mom would check the TV guide and we would have to prepare to watch it...sounds funny, when you think about today, DVR and no commercials, we own all the series on is kind of sad to me...

 This ornament I made when I was 7.
 Scott made this, I am not sure how old he was, but it is a shrinky dink....
 Scotty made this one, and I could not bare to part with it, even the broken star, and I think I have glued it's limbs on more than once...
Now to my craigslist find...When we moved to Florida I sold my formal dining and living room set. I loved my dining room, having my china out, and it meant alot to me..but we had no room for it, and our plan after all was to stay and make a go of it...well those plans obviously changed...So when it got closer to coming home I started to look on craigslist. I did not want to buy a brand new set and spend that kind of money, when we all know how little it is really used..So Scott had flown from Florida to Texas, to drive his truck back to Florida, and while he was in Texas, I found it! I am pretty sure he did not want to be bothered with going and looking at a table and hutch, but it happened to come up that morning he flew in, and he went and looked at was great for us, and the price $800...for ALL of it! the hutch, table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs! Score!

I love it, it is totally me and my style! My china all fits, and I actually didn't use the leaves. Our old table had 8 chairs, and it was just too big for the room, this one is perfect..It has a few knicks and scratches, but at least I won't be mad when it gets another one!

Off to watch some football and bake some sugar cookies, first time ever attempting homemade ones, wish me luck!

basketball game

Saturday we had our second basketball game! it was good, we won, again! I love our team, all our families are so awesome, the boys are having a great time! Scotty is getting in there a bit and starting to see how the game works, it is a lot of running..but it is good for him! Here are a few shots, don't mind the blurriness too, indoor, "stupid friend"...yada yada ya....

 Coach Johnson and Coach Schramme

 Scotty, Jackson and Cason

We actually played a team from Prosper. The coach was actually someone from when we lived there and Scotty played baseball...All our games are in Frisco at Fieldhouse, it is a pretty cool place but very crowded! Lots of teams from surrounding areas..but it has been fun so far!
Had to throw this one of Bella in there, she looked so pretty! After the game we went to eat with the Johnsons', Frank and Laci and their kidos at was yummy! i made sure to wear my sweats so I was not too miserable after stuffing myself! haha....

Many blessings! I know I am feeling them....
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