Monday, December 5, 2011

happy monday

Well it is officially freezing! Right now it is 34* the low is 24* with snow showers.....and in the morning, right about the time I get to take the dog out, it will be 24* but will feel like 12*...Really? like this is supposed to happen til February!! It has rained all last night and Sunday day, my friend JB's pond is FULL, which was bone dry with the horrible heat and lack of rain this summer...Crazy it goes from empty to full in the blink of an eye...

Well since it was rainy yesterday, it was a jammie day at our house..Scott got back from Florida around noon, and I had put a crock pot of White Chicken Chili on and baked chocolate chip banana bread..yum! I don't even want to get on the scale..and I won't til January, then it is HCG for me...We have been catching up on eating Mexican food, and believe it or not, I caved...i have been hitting Sonic for Happy Hour for Diet Coke. I love Diet Coke and I know it is horrible for you, and come January I won't be able to have it anymore, so I am indulging now! (typical me)

Today I did a little Christmas decorating shopping. Last year I had gotten rid of stuff I hadn't used in a while and cleaned out all my glass balls..So this year I got a few new things. The mantel is up and done, part of my den too..The tree is this week, one afternoon..

Scotty had basketball tonight, it was good, I really think he will learn alot! He is on a team with some friends and new ones, so am happy about that..and Frank, he is our coach, he is a really good guy and great with the kids! He has a game Saturday in which I will take pictures, and not forget my camera!

Am going to finish up my Christmas shopping this week, while all the kidos are at school, wither Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday...and be done! I will have to make a trip to the mall or somewhere to shop for Scott and vice versa..looking forward to our Christmas at HOME!!

Happy Monday!
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