Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas program

Thursday night Scotty had his open house and Christmas program at school...The tree at the school was decorated beautifully, all done in pink in memory of 2 women who lost their life to breast cancer. I am not sure who they were, but I do know that our school cared about them and wanted to honor them and their families..I wished I could have gotten a picture, but it was so busy, but by then end of this week, I plan on getting a picture, of both the elementary and intermediate school trees!

 Every time I have to take indoor pictures I cringe! I hate that I took a class on how to use my camera, and haven't practiced enough to get it yet! A couple things on the new years resolutions this year!
 Christian, Scotty and Hunter... Hard to get pictures too, there are a lot of kids, along with loads of parents and the lighting is not the best...I am bummed how "grainy" the pictures came out, and I was forced to use "my stupid friend" the auto mode on my camera!
It was nice the kids sang felt so good to be home..We hadn't seen some people, and they didn't know we were back, so it was nice. I have never felt so welcome in all my life....I am so thankful we were led home, I am proud to call Celina my home, I love it, cold weather and crazy weather all at once...You never know how much something meant to you until you don't have it anymore, I am lucky I got the chance to come home...I look forward to raising our kids here and being a part of this small town!
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