Sunday, December 4, 2011

better late than never...

A Surprise Birthday bash for Scotty! I planned this while we were still in Florida, because I knew we would be back....His birthday is the 5th of November, and I thought..."better late than never". I knew how hard it was for Scotty to leave here and leave his friends behind, so I knew it would be really good for him to reconnect with them, and what better way???
The wild bunch ready to go play laser tag....
Wyatt, Christian, Kaizer, Scotty, Brock, Jace, Jackson and Jayden....
Singing loudly...and I know Scotty is not one for all the attention (That is bella's job! lol)

 ok...too much chocolate frosting..YUCK!!
 Scotty, Kaizer and Jayden...Yes Kaizer does smile (look above! haha)
 Wyatt, Christian Scotty and Brock
 Kaizer, Caden, Scotty and Brock..
 Funny poses....
It was a great night...Scotty had no idea! I took the girls to my sweet friend Honey's house, and then while we were headed to town, said, Hey why don't we go bowling...Scotty looked Surprised, probably because he knows I am not a fan of those places...the video game part...We showed up, and since it was a Tuesday night, it was dead! The light up board said Happy Birthday Scott, and I showed it to him, and I really don't think he thought anything of it, because his birthday already passed...

All the boys were down on the ground and they jumped up, Scotty was so surprised! it was well deserved and much needed....Good to be home!
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