Sunday, December 11, 2011

basketball game

Saturday we had our second basketball game! it was good, we won, again! I love our team, all our families are so awesome, the boys are having a great time! Scotty is getting in there a bit and starting to see how the game works, it is a lot of running..but it is good for him! Here are a few shots, don't mind the blurriness too, indoor, "stupid friend"...yada yada ya....

 Coach Johnson and Coach Schramme

 Scotty, Jackson and Cason

We actually played a team from Prosper. The coach was actually someone from when we lived there and Scotty played baseball...All our games are in Frisco at Fieldhouse, it is a pretty cool place but very crowded! Lots of teams from surrounding areas..but it has been fun so far!
Had to throw this one of Bella in there, she looked so pretty! After the game we went to eat with the Johnsons', Frank and Laci and their kidos at was yummy! i made sure to wear my sweats so I was not too miserable after stuffing myself! haha....

Many blessings! I know I am feeling them....
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