Friday, December 16, 2011

week wrap up...way behind

Hello all! hope you all have had a great week..mine has been a whirlwind, as usual! Monday we ran errands, had some work done on my car and ate Mexican food! (the usual) Tuesday I helped a little bit at the elementary school in a Christmas shoppe they hosted.

Wednesday we went to the Intermediate school to have lunch with Scotty and watch a small reading play in his class...and baked these....the thing I am known for (so I have been told) this was so yummy and also so messy!

the cinnamon rolls.....
 their gooey yumminess...
 The teacher gifts..I did the one and only Bobcat Colors and theme.... Orange and white, I threw in the cheetah ribbon for the bobcats! I did coffee travel cups with hot cocoa, candy and sonic gift cards for each teacher...

 I had to make a small exception for Brynne's teacher as she lives in Prosper...(they are green and eagles) That was not able to be found so I improvised with pink!

So fun! I loved putting it all together...My husband helped me with the cinnamon rolls, I could not have done it without him!

Thursday was full of parties and Brynne's are a few pics of that!

 sweet girl
 H brought much joy to the world was her line in the program
 Mrs. Heather's class tree with hand made ornaments!

 Kambrynn and Brynne (her friend from last year)
 The craft they did was Christmas trees that were ice cream cones with frosting and lotsa candy to use as their ornaments! I think she ate more than she put on!

 Brynne and her teacher Mrs. Heather
 Daddy and Booey
 Mommy and Booey!!(yes I am actually pictured on my own blog!lol)
Sweet reindeer!!
 after that we headed to the other schools for quick parties! Now that I am running to 3 schools it is not as easy to spend quality time at the parties...ugh

at least she moved her hair!lol
Mrs. Dunnam and Bella
Scotty's home room class
Some of Scotty's friends playing bingo, with candy.

I am so bummed I didn't get a picture with Scotty's homeroom teacher...She is awesome, very nice and sweet! Love her!

Overall it has been a great week for the kids, a busy one for me and so on...we have had a few dilemmas arise but I a m prayerful God has a plan and will carry us through!

Today is Friday, the kids had half day and we are lounging. I am not feeling all that great, a little head cold! Yuck, at least it is before Christmas!

On another note, anyone watching The X Factor? The final 3 are in...who are you are voting for? me the underdog..Chris Rene...
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