Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pizza Pizzaazzz....

We have just been laying low...I have been sewing some more, so I will have a few new "designs" to show off soon...I.LOVE.IT...It brings such a sense of peace and accomplishment, it makes me very proud...

So we had pizza night when Scott was gone, and the kids got to make their own, they had a great time, I think they had more fun making them, than actually eating them!!

On another note, my uncle passed away this past Sunday..Thankfully he went peacefully and my mom did get to spend time with him before he passed. She is still in Maryland, they had a viewing today and have his funeral on Sunday. He is being buried next to my grandma, and the plot next to hers is for my grandpa...It is the very spot, the very church which their whole family grew up attending, in a small town..I ponder that, only because in this day and age, that just doesn't seem to happen....

I read in our local paper that a couple was celebrating 65 years of marriage...REALLY...I mean that is MARVELOUS, and almost again unheard of...I wish that could be me, I mean I plan on being married to Scott until I die, but I don't think we have 65 years ahead of us....which brings me to another fabulous husband turns the BIG 40, in a week!!Now you know why we don't got 65 years! hahaha...It is a little bitter sweet, as these are the times I miss home, our friends and family to have a party with for him...We are still just so will come in time...

I am off to put lil' ones to bed and RELAX, I am sorry what is that??

BTW....My Booey is Potty Trained, can I get a Woo Hoo...all my OC housewife fans!! LOL!!!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Long Horn Steer on a Saturday afternoon.....

So Scotty's baseball game was cancelled due to rain we had last night...actually a thunderstorm started about 1am..Brynne came in and said it was raining..she is my one that doesn't like loud rain.....I heard it, along with Thunder that shook the house, and brought her in my bed, because I knew if it woke her up again, she would be back!! So I saved myself a trip!! haha...

Today we ran a few errands, and then took a drive out to Celina, our neighboring town, a little smaller than ours. I went to look for some steer...I found em'....

wa la...

It is a beautiful day here today...the steer were AMAZING..I have never in my life seen anything with horns the size of Bella, no joke!! I pulled down a small dirt road (the one in the much for the car wash I had done the 1/2 prior to my excursion)I was actually afraid. I did not pull all the way down to where they were, as I got out they were ok..but the closer I got, they started to not like it!! It did not take them long, and they were outta there!!..They probably thought who does this broad think she is? and if she doesn't have food we are out!! (even if I had food, I would not have attempted to get close to them....NO.THANK.YOU.MA'AM....

Here is to a beautiful weekend...hope you are making the MOST of you and yours...Create some memories today!!

In His Grip

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Friday, April 23, 2010

How I met my husband....

So I participated in Kelly's show us your life....How you met your Spouse....

October 31, 1998...I went to have my car washed..It was a chilly Halloween morning, and I saw a CUTE guy...standing in the sun, awaiting his car to be done. So I decided to scoot over his way. We made small talk talked about where each other worked..he had a landscape company and I worked at a Medical Supply in town. As we chatted, his car was ready, as he was leaving he asked my name and told me his was Scott. As he left all I thought was, "I just met this really cute, NICE guy, and I will never see him again!!" So on with my weekend and back to work on Monday, he was all I could think about..told all my friends at work...wondered if I would be able to find him?? On the advice of my co-worker, he said "Well have you looked in the phone book?" As I answered I laughed, and said "Have you seen how many landscape companies there are here?? And how many Scott's do you think work at them??"

A few days went by, and I took Wednesday off.....

Thursday at work, I was sitting behind the counter at our office, the entire front was all glass windows. As my friend Sandra and I were somewhat working and talking....I.SAW.HIM......walking up to the office..I was giving Sandra the low down, mumbling and talking so fast, I don't think she understooad a word I said....before he made it to the door, and I think my jaw dropped. I had the biggest SMILE on my face, and as he came in, we saw each other and said Hi, and he said, "I was working down the street, and saw the Medical supply name on the building, and took a chance that maybe you worked here.."


That was it, we went out that Saturday night, then the Friday after that, and I knew he was the ONE!!! That was 11 years ago, and we will be married 9, August 31 this year...

I love him more now that I have ever have, and we have grown and faced things in so many different ways, but we have always grown together...He is my soul mate and love of my best friend too!!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My heart is heavy tonight, as my mom prepares to leave to Maryland to be with my uncle (her brother) who is nearing the end of his battle with cancer. I ask you for prayer for her, for our family and that he may be eased of his pain, knowing he will be going home to our Father, our Savior, our King.

Blessings and Love

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Friday, April 16, 2010


So I am back to being addicted to sewing....OH.HOW.I.LOVE.IT.....So much so, that NOTHING else gets done, and I mean NOTHING!! So I have been working on these, and they are completed, and I love the way they both turned out, even though they are completely different...they are kind of like my girls!! But I love them both the same...haha So I to post these...thought I would get a chance to say "HI" and send some BIG HUGS before the weekend..We have baseball both days and church..busy busy..

Hope you all have a Fantabulous weekend!!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi all....I am sad I really don't have any pictures to post....Sorry!! I am going to take some..I have been sewing and finished a FABULOUS outfit for Bella, and am starting one for Brynne...I am so excited!! Today it is dreary so I hope I can get a decent picture!! Scotty has baseball tonight, and Scott is driving home from Florida, hopefully in time to make it to the game..we will see!!

On another note Brynne has been going potty for 2 full days...please lord let this be the end of the diapers!! As much as this has been a struggle for me, more than her, it is also a defining moment, where I realize she is not a "baby" any more. I always refer to her as the baby, and that baby is now 3, going potty and very independent!!! When she hears me say she is a baby,it is instantly NO, I am a Big girl!!!....very sad...

I guess in watching kids grow, you can only hope you give them a life they can look back on and their home life, love their surroundings, and have great memories...I hope. I hope I am able to give them that..a sense of accomplishment, pride and respect, not only for others but for themselves...I hope...I can learn and connect in a better growing relationship with God, and they can reflect on that, I hope I give them enough....enough love, discipline and pats' on the back when necessary...I hope.... I hope they look back and see a partnership in parenting between Scott & I, and they see a love that has been strong and true...something they can strive for in their life, and accept nothing less....I hope.

I had lunch with some great new friends yesterday, we go about once a week....and it is so great!! They are ssssooooo ssooooo nice, very real people and we all have kids, so we talk "mom" stuff. It is nice to have a group of women to hang out with..It has been really nice. All of them have been very welcoming and kind, it has been refreshing!! And one of the moms and I have connected really well...she sews!! So it will be great to get together and swap secrets and tips..and exchange ideas!!

It is a little dreary here today, rain showers possibly...but the weather has been awesome! about 80!! I do feel a tinge of humidity, anyone from here is probably laughing hysterically and saying "she has no idea of humidity!" which they would be correct...but I am sure we won't melt..well maybe my hair will!! Hahaha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!
Big Hugs!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays...and Daddy Dances....

So I feel so behind!! It has been nonstop since was Bella's actual birthday!! Nicholas came in on Tuesday, and we have had dinners out, baseball and outings since then! So first I will say, I had a cupcake party for Bella on Friday, at our house..and note to self, either save for a party somewhere else OR plan more stuff...I thought the cupcake decorating would be enough...but I fell short about a half our..8 girls plus sugar...I needed to plan more! haha...but it was fun, everyone was wonderful and they had a great time!

So We are proud parents....Scotty made the A/B Honor Roll!!!! ( he actually only had 1 B) My friend at school, asked me Friday...Did you see Scott's name in the paper? I said "No", "for what?" then she told me and I hurried home to get my mail and see our local town paper...VERY COOL!

Well it is our last night to spend with Nicholas here, he leaves first thing in the has been a good short visit...I have to snap a few pics!! Tonight I dolled up my daughter and she was ssssooooo thrilled, our town is having their annual "Father/Daughter Dance"....she was so excited, I took a few pictures before they they are!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and am thinking of you guys!!
Biggest Hugs!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

slower pace of life....

I forgot to post this the other day...I loved this!! We left church Sunday, and saw this out front...You know your livin' a slower place of life when......

I am super busy, trying to clean house, finish sewing and be ready for Bellas' cupcake party on Friday afternoon!!! So I will post again later and I hope you are all having a GLORIOUS day!!!!!
Biggest Hugs!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter....from our family to Yours....

We went to our churches egg hunt yesterday, along with Scottys first baseball game..It was great!! We have quite a hitter on our hands! Woo Hoo!!!

This was cute...As Scott went onto the field to hit a few balls to the kids for warm up...Brynne Boo saw daddy and Cheered "go Daddy"...she thought he was playing!!!!haha, they had fun, and that is most important!! It has been so nice to see Scott be able to help out this season, it has really helped Scotty's confidence and we have all had a great start!!

I really want to say Happy Easter to all of you!! This is a wonderful day to celebrate, the uprising of Christ, our savior!! We are so blessed, to have found a great place to put down our "roots" a great church, that is small enough to be quaint, and to have heard a message this morning to bring us closer to Him...I hope you have a beautiful Easter!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something I love....

So last night I got to do something I love.....Sew...can you guess who I am sewing for? A special someone is having a birthday, and it would not be complete without a special outfit!!! Of course her sister needs one too, and this along with a party...I always put huge Goals in front of myself..with HIGH expectations, pressed for time, scrambling to finish and somehow I manage...we will see if I can accomplish this one!!

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