Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi all....I am sad I really don't have any pictures to post....Sorry!! I am going to take some..I have been sewing and finished a FABULOUS outfit for Bella, and am starting one for Brynne...I am so excited!! Today it is dreary so I hope I can get a decent picture!! Scotty has baseball tonight, and Scott is driving home from Florida, hopefully in time to make it to the game..we will see!!

On another note Brynne has been going potty for 2 full days...please lord let this be the end of the diapers!! As much as this has been a struggle for me, more than her, it is also a defining moment, where I realize she is not a "baby" any more. I always refer to her as the baby, and that baby is now 3, going potty and very independent!!! When she hears me say she is a baby,it is instantly NO, I am a Big girl!!!....very sad...

I guess in watching kids grow, you can only hope you give them a life they can look back on and their home life, love their surroundings, and have great memories...I hope. I hope I am able to give them that..a sense of accomplishment, pride and respect, not only for others but for themselves...I hope...I can learn and connect in a better growing relationship with God, and they can reflect on that, I hope I give them enough....enough love, discipline and pats' on the back when necessary...I hope.... I hope they look back and see a partnership in parenting between Scott & I, and they see a love that has been strong and true...something they can strive for in their life, and accept nothing less....I hope.

I had lunch with some great new friends yesterday, we go about once a week....and it is so great!! They are ssssooooo ssooooo nice, very real people and we all have kids, so we talk "mom" stuff. It is nice to have a group of women to hang out with..It has been really nice. All of them have been very welcoming and kind, it has been refreshing!! And one of the moms and I have connected really well...she sews!! So it will be great to get together and swap secrets and tips..and exchange ideas!!

It is a little dreary here today, rain showers possibly...but the weather has been awesome! about 80!! I do feel a tinge of humidity, anyone from here is probably laughing hysterically and saying "she has no idea of humidity!" which they would be correct...but I am sure we won't melt..well maybe my hair will!! Hahaha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!
Big Hugs!

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