Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter....from our family to Yours....

We went to our churches egg hunt yesterday, along with Scottys first baseball game..It was great!! We have quite a hitter on our hands! Woo Hoo!!!

This was cute...As Scott went onto the field to hit a few balls to the kids for warm up...Brynne Boo saw daddy and Cheered "go Daddy"...she thought he was playing!!!!haha, they had fun, and that is most important!! It has been so nice to see Scott be able to help out this season, it has really helped Scotty's confidence and we have all had a great start!!

I really want to say Happy Easter to all of you!! This is a wonderful day to celebrate, the uprising of Christ, our savior!! We are so blessed, to have found a great place to put down our "roots" a great church, that is small enough to be quaint, and to have heard a message this morning to bring us closer to Him...I hope you have a beautiful Easter!

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