Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where did the week go?

This week flew by, again! I had not posted, our Internet service was down for 2 days!! We had the usual practices for both kids this week, and then my friend Susan invited us on Wednesdays to the Baptist church to sign the kids up for Awanas...So now every night of the week we are busy except for Friday! I think it will be good for the kids, I should have asked if they had a class for me...haha as a new believer, I feel so lost sometimes, not really knowing "it all"....But they are excited, us too as I saw lotsa kids from their school, along with alot from cheer and football. I think in those moments I realize how SMALL this town is, but also how very blessed we are to be "here"....

I did get Scott an Orange T shirt...for the games until we get our team ones..Also every Friday the girls who cheer and the boys who play football, wear their uniforms and jerseys to school. Every Friday you wear orange, it is a big deal! So they got to do that on Friday...I have had nothing but wonderful compliments from Scotty's teacher about him, and even Bella, so that makes me very happy!

Saturday we had our first game, and while our team did not even score, they had fun, and Bella got to cheer for Scotty's team. So for this one year that will be able to happen! While I am still making my way and finding my bearings, that was a relief! I took a few pictures....

and here are more....

So as for Bella and cheering, she is getting better, she looked so cute out there!! I am clueless on what songs are "in", mainly because I always listen to Christian alternative (like what plays on here) so they do a dance routine to a song by Justin who is this guy? I asked about the song at practice, and a mom said Oh ya, he is all over the place....So I looked him up on youtube...Really, I thought a girl sang this song!!I felt dumb!! Here are the pictures of Bella...doing the cheer/dance part of the half time show at the game...

Here is a Youtube link to the girls performance of the Bieber song at the scrimmage a couple weeks ago...Bella is in the back on the left side....

I have another busy week...we get to meet Brynne's teacher for her pre-school...this is going to be a big day! She starts after Labor Day...I am a little sad...she is my baby....But I also realize how badly she needs to go, and make friends and learn about loving God!! it is going to be awesome!!!

Oh I almost forgot...I was in carpool the other day, and the cheer team mom, text me if I was in line...when I got up front to get my kidos...she was ahead of me, jumped out of her car and gave me a newspaper...this is what was on the front page right hand corner...that is my girl...

I think I may take the plunge on something I LOVE to do.....expand my horizons a bit....More to come on that front..

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Another First

Today was the kids first day of school...and it went really well!! The carpool line is less then desirable, but I am sure it was just chaotic due to the first day and so forth..But the kids had a great day, Scotty's teacher (love him already) said he was so great and had great manners, exactly what a mother wants to hear! Bella's was great too..I will be taking them up to their classes all week, then the car pool line for me! They don't mind you walking them up the first week, but after that they are on their own..which is good, they have to get familiar and know where they are going. It was cute, Bella went to Scotty's class, since they are getting picked up together they have them stay together when they are leaving, and both of them told me when Bella was in his class, she was the first one to go to the toy chest/surprise box, whatever they call it, because she was so good....another plus for momma!
Little Booey was a little sad..she asked me about every half hour, all day, if we were going to get Bella yet, or if it was time to get Bella was a little sad...So I feel good about her going to preschool soon, I think she NEEDS it...and after the initial separation, she will probably love it!
I snapped these two pictures, they are not great, but they are what I was able to get, in a hurry this morning..

Tonight was football practice..but since Scott is home, he has that duty..I on the other hand am cooking a real dinner, no cereal or drive thru!! yeah!!
I have been busy crafting a little and sewing, I will be posting a little about that later in the week, and am thinking of doing an Etsy store..something to keep me busy!

Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.
Proverbs 20:11

Hope your off to a great start to the week!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Blog Colors

I forgot to say...I hope you like the new colors on my blog...I think they look marvelous and thanks to Jennisa from Once upon a Blog..She gets it right every time! Thank You...Hope ya'll like it!

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Relishing in our last weekend...

We have been up late all summer...sleeping in, and now it is about to be OVER...Life as we have grown to know, is all about to change! I am looking forward to the start of school, a routine, getting back to it! But with that new normal, also comes a new time for me..time that a house will be filled with silence, no bickering, no running wild, a different silence. With Brynne starting preschool, it is a moment, that I have not really thought about until now, that it is fast approaching....I asked myself, what am I going to do all day? i also asked Scott the same question...he reminded me that that will be a time to work on some things, that I have not gotten to enjoy lately..I offered help to both Bella and Scotty's teachers on those days, if they need it...and I already got asked by Bella's teacher to take the pictures of the kids on their first day...

We went to meet the teacher night, and I hear Scotty got a GREAT I am excited about that..Bella got a teacher who is new to the school, and she seems very nice as well. It is funny because along with the kids being new, I also feel it is like my first day at school too...we are new, again.

I know we will make friends, and probably friends that will last our life time..I think that is the only thing that keeps this from feeling like "home"..Our neighbors are Fabulous!! Anthony & JB, just normal and nice...her and I are alot alike, and it is just comfortable and pressure, no nerves, just "normal" and we are so grateful to have them, especially close out here in the "counrty".. We LOVE it here, sometimes I just feel a little lonely...But in my heart I know that will change..

It has been a rough couple weeks..I have been pretty emotional, about nothing it seems, none the less...EMOTIONAL. I think it is just "new" surroundings, new school, missing some friends, making new will all fall into place...

The other thing that gets me in a rut, we have not been to church for about 3 weeks, with Scott being gone for 2 of the 3 Sundays, and trying to get some things has taken the back burner..Which I should know by now, it HAS TO BE FIRST, He has to come seems like I go in spurts, and when we are in church and a part of it, taking it all in..I am good, because God is good. When we don't go as often as we should, I am not reading the bible, I am weak, I suffer, I feel uneasy...and that is not a good place for me, or our family. I have struggled a little with this whole thing. We did go this morning, and again I am uplifetd and refreshed! For me it is not a matter of believing, because I do, but because we were not raised in church, we did not grow up "knowing" god, I think it is a hard concept for me to grasp at times..I wonder, and over think so many things..that it puts me in a fog sometimes..and that comes from not being educated in the bible, the word of God...maybe feeling unsure, intimidated...which I should not be.. I ask myself a lot of questions...and because we are human, it is hard to grasp that we are loved NO MATTER WHAT...We are Forgiven, Loved...Always..There are many times times I feel undeserving of a love so perfect, and it takes some convincing to remind myself, that I DO, and I AM Worthy of His love.

I am a work in progress, I love going to church and hearing our pastor, I like that our church is small, I love the music in our worship service, it is great! I just need to work harder on my personal relationship with God, bringing his word closer to my heart, taking the time to read and learn more..and moving and new surroundings, it takes time, and patience...I have a lot of time, but am working on the patience thing!!

have a blessed day, however you spend ready for tomorrow, and the joys it will bring!
Big Hugs!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot and Yummy...and a sweet little face

Saturday evening was Bella's show off at the scrimmage are a few ot the pictures I took...

While we were getting ready to go, Brynne was so cute!! I snapped these...unfortunately I only had my big(close up) lens, so you can't see it, but I made her a Bobcat Cheer Bella's it came out cute...Since football is just starting I am sure you will see it!!

Earlier on Friday I was in a mode to make sumfin' I did...THIS!

So I got the recipe from Bakerellas site..I saw it a couple weeks ago..And honestly I really am not into bananas and am not a fan of anything that could potentially be "soggy or mushy" wafers in pudding...pudding in general kinda grosses me out...But I wanted to make I did...I broke out of my shell, whipped it up, it was super easy...and I actually really liked it!! YOU should try it!! Bakerella has the best sweet recipes..she makes them all look so good...her cake pops are "over the top" super creative, and the patience she must have...Are you kidding me??

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Start of another crazy week...

Well am back to the grind, almost...This is our last week til school starts on Monday! We of course have cheer and foot ball all week, along with meet the teacher on Thursday! I am ready to get back to a routine, but on the other hand am a little afraid! It is all new again...I feel like we just did this 5 months ago! I am also sad, as Brynne will start preschool, and then what! I asked Scott, what am I going to do all day?? I am planning to try to help out in the class, for both kids, since I really have not been able to..But this kinda starts a new chapter in my life, and somebody better be available for an all morning cry session when Brynne actually goes to kindergarten...look out! Preschool will be hard enough, she is already telling me, she does not want to go, and that she just wants to stay little and stay with me!! Oh, give her 10 years!! I think that is more scary!

We went to a scrimmage on Saturday night, Bella did a cheer performance there..and we watched a little of the start of the I looked around, I was seeing lotsa faces that I had seen all week, between cheer camp and football practice...and I told Scott, do you realize this is our life? this is going to be our life in 10 years or so? That all these faces, will be most of the same faces we see for the next 10 years!! All the years i have live din California, I did not ever really think that far ahead, and now looking back, I don't think I did, because deep down I think I knew I would not be there the rest of my life...

I am feeling very good about our decision, I think we made the right choice...don't get me wrong I miss by friends and family, sometimes, it is harder than others...But I know we are in the right place...

I feel very blessed, and am very and everyday.
Have a great start to your week!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

You Raise Me Up....

Ok Guys it is Friday, finally....I had this forwarded to me from my sweet friend Debra back home, this morning has been a rough on for me...watching this, wiping the tears from my eyes...I realize today, I need Him...Everyday I need Him....
Turn the volume down on my music, grab a tissue, and watch....

In His Grip

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

We have been really busy running this week...and next week does not look much better! But am looking forward to the weekend, my husband will be home, we will get a few things done around here...and try to relax! Even though Bella has to go to a scrimmage on Saturday night, they are doing a performance..Scotty got invited to swim at a new friends house, in our new neighborhood, that we met on his football team...
Bella had her last day of cheer camp today and I was sure to try to get some good pictures..unfortunately, I am not as good on the inside pictures, as I am on the outdoor ones...I love the natural light you get when you take pictures outside rather than in..So more often than I like to admit, I go to the auto mode on my camera, for the indoor ones...if I would only practice more, I would get better at knowing the settings....hey maybe that can be a goal when everyones at school??
Bella had a great time, she clung to a girl, a teenager, and Bella just loved her! funny enough her name was Brooke, like my niece...

It was very cute, they did their performance, and it amazed me even at the 1st grade level, they lift the girls in the air!! Bella was a lifter, but she informed me that she wants to be lifted! (of course she did)

So I HATE to post pictures with red eyes, they piss me off, but it pisses me off more that I again, did not change the setting on my camera!
On another note, of what is going on here...Scotty has enjoyed football a little more Tuesday and tonight...First of all, we have been spoiled by the field where we normally is surrounded by big trees, which for us parents equals SHADE...Mind you, shade is a very precious thing is so hot here this past week, it is TOUGH! So tonight, while the kids got to practice on the High School field (the new one) it was great for them, it is all nice, fake grass, perfectly marked...on the other hand for us, there are no bleachers yet, and not a lick of shade...NONE! So you want to talk a bout sweat...I can not even tell you how sweaty I was, and I was just sitting there!!
Here is Scotty's thing he dislikes most about football...up downs...I told him how great he is doing..and that his momma could not even do one of them!! they had to do this a few times, because during a part where they lined up about 4 or 5 boys at a time, if one went before the right count, EVERYONE had to do them!!

Scotty actually told me he liked football tonight...That made me happy.
It also made me happy to pack it up, and get home to get a shower!

Have a Happy Friday...a Fabulous weekend...Enjoy it! Love it! Embrace whatever comes your way! Make some memories!!
Big Hugs!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be Crazy Day

Bella had a Be Crazy Day at Cheer Camp...She wanted a Rock Star look...She got it!!

She had another great day....I am relieved tonight, I am home, and do not have to be anywhere for practices...I am relishing in my moment...Also the fact that it is HOT again here...Very Hot!!
It is hump day, half way through the week!! woo hoo!! i think I will be watching the finale of New Jersey Housewives tonight, gotta get that last episode of drama...Thankfully that is not my life! haha
Biggest Hugs all!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last night was our second football practice and this was my dinner....

This was my dinner at 9:30 last night, by the time I finally could sit down to watch a little Bethenny Getting Married...and do NOTHING!! Yesterday was just one of "those" days...I was busy, in the car most of the day, didn't eat well, just ran all over creation, and my husband is was definitely one of those days...So my sweet neighbor, Jennie Beth ...we call her JB....brought me this carrot cake...Very sweet she is...I really like her alot, and am thankful to have someone normal living on at least one side of me!!

Football tonight was tough, to say the least. My ease of it the other night, was a mirage...because I had a glimmer that maybe this won't be so bad...well it just might be tougher than I thought!!
They did drills, which Scotty has never done before, and he also missed the first 3 or 4 practices, so he is a little lost in the shuffle...about half was through, I text Scott, because I could tell he was or was about to cry, out on the field...he kept looking at me, not really paying attention to what was going on, and I knew the look, even from afar, it was the look of "Save Me".
So this is a hard look for a mom to get, I wanted to jump in and swoop him up, in my heart that was my feeling, I was sad for him...but my head said to have him stick it out...he came off the field saying his stomach hurt, he was coughing and was sad, in that moment, I felt like maybe this was not the right thing to be doing...Then my head took over, got him some water, gave him a little pep talk, and sent him back out...The drills were over (the hard part) and it was about 104*...he got back out there and finished...

I was VERY proud of him that he got back out there, and gave it his all...I just want him to have fun, play on a "team" sport and make some friends that he could really have the rest of his life..It is not important to me if he is great or not, because right now he is not, he is new, learning afraid...You know that feeling, even as adults, when you have butterflies in your stomach..whether they are good butterflies or bad..they are all a jumble of emotions..I am sure his stomach was a flutter like crazy, knowing you have to go up next, or do something, that you, yourself are unsure of...this is very foreign to him...he has never been tackled in his life! He has sisters...
On the other hand, I know he will succeed, he will be well rounded, and he will learn the game..and either want to play again or not..I just want him to be encouraged and have fun, even though this hardly seems like fun right now...

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