Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

We have been really busy running this week...and next week does not look much better! But am looking forward to the weekend, my husband will be home, we will get a few things done around here...and try to relax! Even though Bella has to go to a scrimmage on Saturday night, they are doing a performance..Scotty got invited to swim at a new friends house, in our new neighborhood, that we met on his football team...
Bella had her last day of cheer camp today and I was sure to try to get some good pictures..unfortunately, I am not as good on the inside pictures, as I am on the outdoor ones...I love the natural light you get when you take pictures outside rather than in..So more often than I like to admit, I go to the auto mode on my camera, for the indoor ones...if I would only practice more, I would get better at knowing the settings....hey maybe that can be a goal when everyones at school??
Bella had a great time, she clung to a girl, a teenager, and Bella just loved her! funny enough her name was Brooke, like my niece...

It was very cute, they did their performance, and it amazed me even at the 1st grade level, they lift the girls in the air!! Bella was a lifter, but she informed me that she wants to be lifted! (of course she did)

So I HATE to post pictures with red eyes, they piss me off, but it pisses me off more that I again, did not change the setting on my camera!
On another note, of what is going on here...Scotty has enjoyed football a little more Tuesday and tonight...First of all, we have been spoiled by the field where we normally is surrounded by big trees, which for us parents equals SHADE...Mind you, shade is a very precious thing is so hot here this past week, it is TOUGH! So tonight, while the kids got to practice on the High School field (the new one) it was great for them, it is all nice, fake grass, perfectly marked...on the other hand for us, there are no bleachers yet, and not a lick of shade...NONE! So you want to talk a bout sweat...I can not even tell you how sweaty I was, and I was just sitting there!!
Here is Scotty's thing he dislikes most about football...up downs...I told him how great he is doing..and that his momma could not even do one of them!! they had to do this a few times, because during a part where they lined up about 4 or 5 boys at a time, if one went before the right count, EVERYONE had to do them!!

Scotty actually told me he liked football tonight...That made me happy.
It also made me happy to pack it up, and get home to get a shower!

Have a Happy Friday...a Fabulous weekend...Enjoy it! Love it! Embrace whatever comes your way! Make some memories!!
Big Hugs!

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