Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Start of another crazy week...

Well am back to the grind, almost...This is our last week til school starts on Monday! We of course have cheer and foot ball all week, along with meet the teacher on Thursday! I am ready to get back to a routine, but on the other hand am a little afraid! It is all new again...I feel like we just did this 5 months ago! I am also sad, as Brynne will start preschool, and then what! I asked Scott, what am I going to do all day?? I am planning to try to help out in the class, for both kids, since I really have not been able to..But this kinda starts a new chapter in my life, and somebody better be available for an all morning cry session when Brynne actually goes to kindergarten...look out! Preschool will be hard enough, she is already telling me, she does not want to go, and that she just wants to stay little and stay with me!! Oh, give her 10 years!! I think that is more scary!

We went to a scrimmage on Saturday night, Bella did a cheer performance there..and we watched a little of the start of the game..as I looked around, I was seeing lotsa faces that I had seen all week, between cheer camp and football practice...and I told Scott, do you realize this is our life? this is going to be our life in 10 years or so? That all these faces, will be most of the same faces we see for the next 10 years!! All the years i have live din California, I did not ever really think that far ahead, and now looking back, I don't think I did, because deep down I think I knew I would not be there the rest of my life...

I am feeling very good about our decision, I think we made the right choice...don't get me wrong I miss by friends and family, sometimes, it is harder than others...But I know we are in the right place...

I feel very blessed, and am very thankful....today and everyday.
Have a great start to your week!

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