Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot and Yummy...and a sweet little face

Saturday evening was Bella's show off at the scrimmage game...here are a few ot the pictures I took...

While we were getting ready to go, Brynne was so cute!! I snapped these...unfortunately I only had my big(close up) lens, so you can't see it, but I made her a Bobcat Cheer outfit..like Bella's it came out cute...Since football is just starting I am sure you will see it!!

Earlier on Friday I was in a mode to make sumfin' yummy...so I did...THIS!

So I got the recipe from Bakerellas site..I saw it a couple weeks ago..And honestly I really am not into bananas and am not a fan of anything that could potentially be "soggy or mushy"...ie: wafers in pudding...pudding in general kinda grosses me out...But I wanted to make something..so I did...I broke out of my shell, whipped it up, it was super easy...and I actually really liked it!! YOU should try it!! Bakerella has the best sweet recipes..she makes them all look so good...her cake pops are "over the top" super creative, and the patience she must have...Are you kidding me??

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