Friday, August 6, 2010

I am going to be BUSY

So it is Friday, and I am beat already, and my BUSY is just about to begin!!
I had signed Bella up for cheer, and she is ever so excited...but I am looking at the schedule, thinking what have I done...then to add more to my list, I signed Scotty up for football last night!! My realtor/friends son is in Scotty's grade, and I had inquired about it...well I got a call last night, that he is on the team, and they are practicing tomorrow at 10am..Bella has cheer camp tomorrow as well, from 1-5...then it is on!!! I basically am going tonight to spend a small fortune on football gear...then be running my head Bella then has cheer camp 4 days this week, along with 3 days next week and a refresher...she is 6!!

It will be crazy, but a crazy good I hope!! Hope ya'll are off to a happy weekend...What does yours hold??

Make it wonderful, even if it is CRAZY!!
Big Hugs!

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