Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!! pre-show....

Last night we carved the ol' pumpkins...and the kids love it! They are so excited and can not wait for tonight, yay!!! here are a few pictures to lead up to tonight!

 The ooey gooey part..Brynne loves this part!!

 Scotty's, Bella's and Brynne's

See you tonight...happy Halloween!!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

cheer competition

This morning bright and early I met Bella's coach at the 711 by our house, to the tune of 6:45 AM to have her ride with her coach, since they had to be at FAU in Boca Raton by 8 am.... We as a family left about 7:30 it took a good hour to get there, we had to find parking and try to get good seats, which we did!

We took a video, which I can not put up, because the cord I need from the camera to the computer is packed in a box, I don't even know where!! So I did take a couple pics, which since they were action, came out a little blurry....since moving here I really have not practiced with my camera AT ALL..sadly, I guess that is what happens when you are not living your "best life", that too will be changing, and not soon enough!

 My little flyer...she did sssooooo great!! They all did!

 BIG smiles!!

 Bella was very proud and excited about the medal...
 This picture of the two of them, I sometimes forget how much they look alike, until I see these kind of pictures..No wonder people ask me if they are twins...
We are very proud of Bella, there were a lot of peole there, and really the improvement from the begining til now, it is amazing! So pretty, so confident..I am so lucky!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

my new favorite song and video...

So this is my NEW FAVORITE song and video.....I just saw the video, haven't been watching much TV lately, unless it is a show I record...So I saw this, and cried...I think I felt so many emotions..It makes me think of raising our kids in Celina, and that these could be the things they do..Yes, it is that small of a town...It touched me in a special good way and thought I would share....

Happy Saturday!!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

out of the loop

Sorry..been caught up in a few things...and not being a good blogger! I know all that will change when we get home, I was always better about pictures then too..So what does your weekend look like? It is kind of finally starting to rain here, after it had been threatening it all day! Bella has practice for about an hour in the morning, and then a birthday party at a fun place! They have golf, bumper cars and know those places! Then Sunday up bright and early for cheer competition!

Looking forward to Halloween, just the dress up and candy..seeing them having fun, although I wish we were at home with our friends, we have the rest of our lives!!!

Not much else new, still fluctuating on the 3 lbs, not gonna stress too much. I plan on doing the HCG again, after the first of the new year, and actually following the maintenance for the 3 weeks after. If I do it, the right way, I have no doubt in my mind that it will obviously come off and stay off...but before our traveling home and the holidays, ain't gonna happen! So am trying not to stress too much, still watching my calories, and even at 118, the jeans still that is a good thing right??

I will have pictures to post of Competition and Halloween for sure...
Here's to a busy weekend and some memories..
Big Hugs!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

x factor obsession

So are y'all watching The X Factor? WE ARE! and Loving it......Well "Drew" is our Favorite...She is also the daughter of Scott's best childhood friend...they went to school from the 3rd grade on and graduated with each other, they have remained friends since then, Scott and Andy (her dad) saw each other last year when their family was in Texas visiting their family, also Andy and his wife have been together FOREVER, I think Scott said like since the 3rd grade!, that in itself is something to be proud of!!....

So Bella is completely obsessed with Drew. I find things like this....

Then this...a book of the song she sang last week, with all the words written down.....

Everyday, Bella asks to go on the ipad, and I hear her playing Drews' song, and singing..I am going to try to get her on my phone doing it, and I will post it here...It is so cute!

In case you haven't seen Drew on X Factor, here are a couple clips...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

the second song at the judges houses.....

and last night on The Live X Factor......

This girl is gonna go far! I could be wrong but my predictions for the top will be....Drew, Melanie Amaro (from Florida, Marcus Canty and Josh (the burrito maker guy) They are all so talented!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

something yummy

Happy Tuesday! We have a short week again this week, the kids have no school Friday for parent/teacher conferences..Also Scott is taking Scotty to a college football game Thursday night, and it is near Miami, good thing there is no school!

Am trying to keep a hold of my weight it seems like i go between 1.5 to a full 3 lbs from my end weight of 115. i am doing about 1100-1200 calories a day, which is more than 500 calorie decrease than what it says I need to helloooo...the last time I was eating 1900 calories a day I was not fitting in the jeans! That is what it said I needed to eat to maintain my weight, umm don't think so! So I am going to see where this puts me by the end of the week. I still weigh myself daily, which I think sometimes is a bad thing, but on the other hand, it keeps me in check, makes me think about what I am putting in my mouth and more importantly WHY. lately it is a stress thing, anxious, nervous about the upcoming changes (good changes) but it is still the whole thing, another move, pack it up, unload it...all with a smile...

So back to the eating thing, so I L.O.V.E. peanut butter, I eat it every morning on a Thomas' multi grain lite english muffin, and I could actually eat 2, but I only eat 1 of the halves...but since I did the diet, I have been so conscious of labels, fat, sugar and I tried a couple new things, like the english muffins and I bought Smart Balance peanut butter, and let me tell you, there is really no taste difference between the Jif and Smart Balance...YUM.

This morning, I had oatmeal. i am not a huge oatmeal fan, but this brand Better Oats was great, it was light and smooth, made with water it was surprisingly creamy too! I added one Stevia for sweet, since there is no added sugar, and it is only 100 calories...a great portion too, it filled the bowl! So I feel pretty satisfied. I walked first this morning and then had my coffee and breakfast when I got feels like if I eat first everything sits really high in my stomach, and when you are trying to walk at a decent pace, that is not a good feeling! My goal with eating both the english muffin and the oatmeal, was to hopefully eliminate the mid morning snack, and eat lunch right at we will see.

It is crazy, because this is all new to me, for never having a weight issue, never exercising, eating anything I wanted...this can be discouraging! I want to eat yummy stuff, and right now I don't feel like I could even have a cheat day yet...I am working on it, but it is really a control thing, and sometimes I lack self control...I am human!

But it sure does feel great to wear jeans and shorts that a month ago I could not pull over my hips, let alone button!I try to remember that when I tell myself I am hungry (when really I am not)

Am off to clean up around here, and do some laundry...sometimes it feels like that part never ends!
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

trying to regain control

A week into maintenance, and am trying to regain control a little, have gained about 3 lbs, and it seems to vary about everyday or so..due to not abiding by what I am supposed to be eating on the maintenance phase...ugh...It is what it is though, the jeans are still fitting, and those few pounds go straight to the belly..gotta love it! I am not going to beat myself, even though I have the last 2 days, I gotta move forward...I have been walking daily which is a bigger thing mentally than I think it is for my actual body. I am stress eater, and I think that is harder to accept than the weight itself..

We had our last football game and cheer today..The kids are both going to be practicing though, 2 more weeks for Scotty and one for Bella..She has Cheer competition on the 30th..and Scotty has his Turkey Bowl game on his birthday, the 5th...Then they each have their season parties that weekend as well...then it is the big move!!

I feel a little anxious about it  though, and I have not pin pointed why..I think it is just wanting everything to fall back in place for the kids, reconnecting and making new friends..I know it will be easy for them, and they have been missed, as well as missed their friends! Scotty is already signed up for basketball, and both girls will be taking dance classes, so they will have recitals in May, it will great! I think Bella is going to take a tumbling class/gymnastics cheer thing, she wants to learn some of the stunts and jumps that the cheerleaders do...

And as for Scott and I, it will be a change as well, I felt like I built a life there at home, and he traveled alot, so he did not have the same connections I had, and still have...but he will and it will be great..I have no doubt in my mind, God is bringing us home, things fell in place they way He intended, and they will continue to do so...on His plan..

Happy Saturday enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Big Hugs
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

short day and catch up...

Hope your day is going great...the week is half over! I am holding steady at 115 for the second day off the HCG, which is good, just gotta keep it that way!

The kids had early release we are home laying low. It rained ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT!! So it is humid out and looks like it should be cold, but it's not! I look forward to some sweaters and boots...I say that now!

Hope your day is fabulous! Gonna eat a little lunch, I guess it is that time already!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

final results!

Well, I just enjoyed a chicken salad at Chipotle with my husband on this rainy day! Yay! The HCG is over...and while I do not weigh 113, I have lost inches! So here goes.....

Weight 126.5                                                               Weight 115
Thighs 21"                                                                    Thighs 19.25"
Hips 36"                                                                       Hips 33"
Waist 33"                                                                     Waist 29.75
Upper Arm 11.75"                                                       Upper Arm 9.5"

Ok so I DID IT! I know the diet works and it was hard! BUT while I wanted to be 110 or 113, I am so ok with the weight thing, and am so happy with the amount of inches!! No wonder my jeans fit! I wished my stomach would be flatter, but that is from having 4 babies and never working out! Also I see now where the weight goes, my sides and my stomach. A few days ago I was 113, and the 2 pounds go straight to the tummy! I am proud that I did it..I am prepared for a couple pounds to come back, and I am ok with it!...
Also don't mind the regrowth on my have not had my hair done since June! YIKES, I think that is a record!! I already set that up for the Monday I am back home..It is badly needed!

So I will try to update as usual..but now it is time to gear up to go home, get all our stuff in order and move forward! Thank You for the encouragement and kind words along the way, I appreciate it alot!

Happy Tuesday!
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Monday, October 17, 2011


So I have been thinking alot today..not about any one thing, but a bunch of different things..Going home, the anticipation. Business what are we going to do now. Focus on raising our kids, and working on a relationship that has been strained by travels and moving..lots of stuff, and Oh ya, the diet. I am trying to pinpoint what is wrong with me? Is me being 15 pounds skinnier going to make me happier, prettier, healthier, happier? Not really. Yes I can fit in my clothes, about 90% of them, but looking at it, that is not the root of the problem.

The problem I think for me, is so much change and not really knowing how to deal with it. Being lonely, being nervous..basically pushing the pause button on our life, and now getting ready to hit play. I have a hard time doing things for ME. Yes I sew, I craft, I bake, and I love all those things, but they are not necessarily for ME. They revolve around others, around our children, and yes those things bring me happiness, alot of happiness. Baking something for the classroom or school, eating out with friends, those things are social things that bring me happiness. No it is not about the food, it is about being recognized or together.

Recognition, something that goes by the way side for a lot of stay at home moms..I feel like my life has been so upside down for so long, that I have not been being the parent I want or need to be, and that makes me sad. Yes I do all the things my kids need on a daily basis, but really is that what they need? Obviously they need someone to help them get ready, feed them, clean them and their clothes, remind them of homework and chores..but where is the fun part of being a mom? I feel like with our life in boxes, everything on hold, the fun is missing.

So I am looking forward to not so much picking up where I left off, but making it new for both Scott and I, since he was gone so much, he did not have or make the connections that I did. I look forward to regaining and strengthening our relationship, being better parents for what our kids need, going back to church, and finding a way to be happy with ME, no matter what I look like. Yes I am happy I got into my jeans, but the sacrifice, was unrealistic. I mean Yes it can be done, but am I never going to eat a donut, or enjoy some Mexican food or a five guys burger, or even the comfort food dinners I love to make in the winter? NO WAY! It means that I will have to learn to do it in moderation, and try to exercise, to a point that I am comfortable with and can maintain. (and I hate to exercise)

So while the next few weeks are busy, I am still a little lonely, especially during the day, trying to find mundane things to fill my is boring! I am praying  and connecting with God on a level I may never have done, had this move not happened...and for that I am eternally grateful, everything happens for a reason, and God is Good, always....

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day 25

This morning I weighed 114.4, and I stuck to every inch of the diet yesterday..unwillingly, but I did. I know this is about control, controlling what I eat, how much I eat, and when I eat, it is something I have to regain control of. It is also something I never had to worry about, but now, a little older, the ol' body isn't burning it up  like it used to! so I have to be more aware! Change is always hard, accepting it and moving forward is just as hard!

It is Monday, which is sheet washing day in our house, the one day the kids don't have to make their beds! haha...It has also been very dreary here the last couple day, and with the threat of rain, I put off my walk for a while this morning..That is the last thing I want is to be poured rain on!

Keeping busy though, packing and readying ourselves for yet another move!! I think I am going to have a bonfire when we get home, and burn all the boxes, so I never have to look at them again!

Happy Monday!
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

day 24 woops!

First of all..won't be posting pics yet, I forgot about the 3 very low calorie days, to complete the 26 day program. Plus I am hoping to lose the 1.8 lbs I gained in the last 2 days of cheating. This morning I weighed in at 115.2. Not good. I stuck to the regimen, and now towards the end took advantage of it almost being over, and paid the price.

Food, that is my comfort, and I let myself lose control, and I am mad at myself. So I got out of the house this morning and took a good long walk..prayed to God for strength, not only for my control issues with food, but also for the many upcoming things that require me to lean on Him.

Have a great Sunday, watch some football!
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

day 23

So I gained..I knew the bad eating yesterday, A LOT of granola and 5 mini corn dogs, that my kids were going to throw away...caught up to me..I weighed 114.2.

Today has not been much better, I love the granola, I can't help it! I ate good this morning, did my drops this morning and at lunch..but now all the drops are gone. So I should only be eating 500 calories a day for the next 3 days, then I can get back to bigger portions, just stay away from the sugar, pasta, starch and carbs.

We had football today, I got to wear a pair of shorts that I have not worn in over a year! So that was exciting! We have laid low this afternoon, I just got done making ceviche, which is healthy and I can eat, so that will be my dinner! and lunch, and dinner, and lunch for the next 3 days..haha!

I will post my before and after pics tomorrow along with my measurements..along with pictures from the game..We won 19 to 12! It was exciting!

Have a great night, and I am going to stay out of the granola..I should throw it away, but I can't throw that much yumminess away....

Big Hugs!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

day 22

I got to sleep in this morning, our kids have no school...good and bad! Good for the sleeping in, bad for not a lot to do..So we are still in our jammies, the kids are playing play dough, as I am listening to them bicker..good times. Not to mention the mess that I get to vaccuum up when they are done! lol...

So I confessed my cheating last night to step on the scale and weigh 113.4...losing 6 ounces!! What is up with that? I follow it to a T and lose only 2 ounces, then cheat and lose more..go figure? I will also add, that since my body has been eating so "clean" lately, that cheeseburger sent me running to bathroom, before practice was even over..not good! Oh and tomorrow mark the last  days of the drops..and of course it is going on over the weekend, the hardest time for us!

So here is my proof of bad habit lately....

Ok, it is wonderfully delish! Here is how to make it..super easy and way good!

4 C rolled oats
2C unsweetend coconut ( I had to use sweetened, I couldn't find the other)
2C almonds
1C cashews
3/4 C Olive Oil
1/2 C Honey
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Kosher salt

Mix all together and spread out over baking sheet, bake at 350* for 20-30 minutes.

You can add anything you like after it bakes and cools a bit...I added Reeses peanut butter chips..I know not so healthy! But it is really good! I also baked mine for a full 30 minutes, I would not next time, it got a little dark around the edges.

You can eat it plain, in yogurt, like cereal, even on ice cream!!LOL... You can add, dried fruit, raisins, pretzels, chocolate or yogurt covered raisins..really the possibilities are endless! Also for mine, I swithched the amounts on the nuts, only because we like cashews better than almonds.. Enjoy it!!

The kids have a home game tomorrow at 11, and Bella is cheering for Scottys team, so that is a plus, we get it all done in one shot. Bella has Cheer Competition on October 30...Then Scotty's team has a "Bowl Game" here, which is called the Turkey Bowl, and that is November 5th (Scotty's birthday) so that will be fun..I will get cupcakes for the team that day. It will be busy up until we move back..crazy busy, but I will take evrey minute of it..with a BIG SMILE!!

Happy Friday!
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