Wednesday, October 5, 2011

day 13

This morning I weighed 117.2...Yay...again!

I did walk this morning, more so for me, it felt good. It is MY time and I enjoy I don't know how much I will enjoy it when we go home and it is COLD, But that would be a good time to use the elliptical. See my plan was to walk everyday for 30 minutes or so, then come home and work my way up to 30 minutes daily on the problem, the cord for the elliptical is packed in a box somewhere, and I am not about to go through them all! So that will be a goal for me when I get home. Also before we moved I used my Netflix, and actually found a Pilate's workout, 5 of them each 10 minute segments, and I really liked it! it was amazing how every part of my body was sore, and I was not really exerting myself! So that would be a good one too, to help tone up!

I told my kidos I was making them a "special" dinner tonight (not one that I will get to enjoy, at least not yet) so they are looking forward to it..I will post about that tomorrow.

Up to my ears in laundry, hump day is always laundry day in my house...half way through another week...counting em' down!
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