Monday, October 10, 2011

day 18

I weighed in this morning at 115., basically a minimal 2 ounce weight loss. I don't know if it is me coming to the end of this, going without anything I really like for so long, or what, but am ready to quit...and I hate to say that. I am feeling overwhelmed, we have a lot going on, personally/business wise and I want to eat something. I know...bad habit, but it's the truth. I told Scott the other day, maybe I was happier a little chubby....But then I know deep down that is not true. I want to fit in my jeans, but I feel like at what cost. Nearing the end also leaves me with the fear and anxiety that it will all come back.... just struggling this morning, we have a lot going on, alot to do and deal with..and it is Monday...YUCK!
 Gonna try to get this morning off to a better start...
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