Tuesday, October 4, 2011

day 12

My weight this morning was 117.6!

So I am on the right track!! So I tried on a bunch of my shorts this a.m...ones that hadn't fit in a long time, and happily 75% of them fit! YAY! There were a few Miss Me ones, that I love, but when I bought them last summer, they were a little tight, so if they don't end up fitting, that is ok...I think I need to focus more on what fits, rather than the "number" of my weight.

So I am still hungry though, more so I think it is out of boredom or just being restrained, which I don't do well with! I also have not been walking, which breaks up my morning, because on such a low calorie diet, they do not recommend to  much exercise, as you would need more calories...but I think I am going to start again tomorrow, just a normal walk, nothing to push myself, I just felt better then.. Plus I use that time to pray and connect with God, outside, while it is nice, I am not distracted or hurried, it is my time.

So I have 12 days left on the drops and low calorie diet...I hope I can drop at least 5 pounds, them my clothes that I can get on will be more comfortable...I hope!

Last night I went to get the kids from practice, and I had already eaten my little dinner, I came home and Scott had made "breakfast for dinner" OMGosh, the house smelled so yummy, sausage and eggs...I know this is temporary..that's what I keep telling myself...

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. So happy for you and the weight loss!! I'm still working at it myself.. and since November of last year until now I've dropped 60 pounds. It's amazing how great you feel when the weight comes off! Oh and I'm so glad Bella is OK! I freaked out when I read about it and had to tell Dr. Du.. we've all been checking to make sure she's ok. Keep at it and those 5 pounds will be gone!

    Jilly =)

  2. Hey You!! I am so happy to hear about your weightloss, that is so awesome! Did your sis get married yet? Hope all is well, and yes praise God Bella is fine...it was very scary!So glad you are doing good...
    Biggest Hugs!


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