Sunday, October 9, 2011

day 17 and counting

Well I am almost done, this is going to a be a crucial and hard week, knowing it is the last one...

This morning I weighed am back to losing. I did not cheat AT ALL yesterday, and it is amazing how the smallest amount of something can derail your weight loss!
So my drops end on Sunday, 1 week from today, then I have 3 days of the very low calorie diet. Then starts phase 3...In that phase I can go back to walking and I can eat 1200-1500 calories a day, I think they said 1500, so I will have to watch that. Still in the maintenance phase they say to stay away from carbs and sugar..But at least then I can eat turkey and cheese, peanut butter, eggs and nuts...So that will be good since I have been missing those things for the last 26 days. It will be a good change. Once those 3 weeks are over, I can stick to a calorie diet to maintain my weight, I will enjoy an eat out night once a weekend, and if I want a donut or eat out lunch during the week I will still do that. there is noway I will live my life not enjoying the things we we will see how it goes.

We are laying low today, we had cheer yesterday and football, Scott went one direction and I went the other. The last 8 minutes of Bella's cheering, there was a torrential downpour, thankfully I had my huge umbrella, and we left! The weather has been crazy here...another thing I won't miss.

Have a great Sunday and wrap up to your some football!
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