Sunday, October 30, 2011

cheer competition

This morning bright and early I met Bella's coach at the 711 by our house, to the tune of 6:45 AM to have her ride with her coach, since they had to be at FAU in Boca Raton by 8 am.... We as a family left about 7:30 it took a good hour to get there, we had to find parking and try to get good seats, which we did!

We took a video, which I can not put up, because the cord I need from the camera to the computer is packed in a box, I don't even know where!! So I did take a couple pics, which since they were action, came out a little blurry....since moving here I really have not practiced with my camera AT ALL..sadly, I guess that is what happens when you are not living your "best life", that too will be changing, and not soon enough!

 My little flyer...she did sssooooo great!! They all did!

 BIG smiles!!

 Bella was very proud and excited about the medal...
 This picture of the two of them, I sometimes forget how much they look alike, until I see these kind of pictures..No wonder people ask me if they are twins...
We are very proud of Bella, there were a lot of peole there, and really the improvement from the begining til now, it is amazing! So pretty, so confident..I am so lucky!
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