Saturday, October 15, 2011

day 23

So I gained..I knew the bad eating yesterday, A LOT of granola and 5 mini corn dogs, that my kids were going to throw away...caught up to me..I weighed 114.2.

Today has not been much better, I love the granola, I can't help it! I ate good this morning, did my drops this morning and at lunch..but now all the drops are gone. So I should only be eating 500 calories a day for the next 3 days, then I can get back to bigger portions, just stay away from the sugar, pasta, starch and carbs.

We had football today, I got to wear a pair of shorts that I have not worn in over a year! So that was exciting! We have laid low this afternoon, I just got done making ceviche, which is healthy and I can eat, so that will be my dinner! and lunch, and dinner, and lunch for the next 3 days..haha!

I will post my before and after pics tomorrow along with my measurements..along with pictures from the game..We won 19 to 12! It was exciting!

Have a great night, and I am going to stay out of the granola..I should throw it away, but I can't throw that much yumminess away....

Big Hugs!
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