Monday, October 17, 2011

day 25

This morning I weighed 114.4, and I stuck to every inch of the diet yesterday..unwillingly, but I did. I know this is about control, controlling what I eat, how much I eat, and when I eat, it is something I have to regain control of. It is also something I never had to worry about, but now, a little older, the ol' body isn't burning it up  like it used to! so I have to be more aware! Change is always hard, accepting it and moving forward is just as hard!

It is Monday, which is sheet washing day in our house, the one day the kids don't have to make their beds! haha...It has also been very dreary here the last couple day, and with the threat of rain, I put off my walk for a while this morning..That is the last thing I want is to be poured rain on!

Keeping busy though, packing and readying ourselves for yet another move!! I think I am going to have a bonfire when we get home, and burn all the boxes, so I never have to look at them again!

Happy Monday!
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