Tuesday, October 18, 2011

final results!

Well, I just enjoyed a chicken salad at Chipotle with my husband on this rainy day! Yay! The HCG is over...and while I do not weigh 113, I have lost inches! So here goes.....

Weight 126.5                                                               Weight 115
Thighs 21"                                                                    Thighs 19.25"
Hips 36"                                                                       Hips 33"
Waist 33"                                                                     Waist 29.75
Upper Arm 11.75"                                                       Upper Arm 9.5"

Ok so I DID IT! I know the diet works and it was hard! BUT while I wanted to be 110 or 113, I am so ok with the weight thing, and am so happy with the amount of inches!! No wonder my jeans fit! I wished my stomach would be flatter, but that is from having 4 babies and never working out! Also I see now where the weight goes, my sides and my stomach. A few days ago I was 113, and the 2 pounds go straight to the tummy! I am proud that I did it..I am prepared for a couple pounds to come back, and I am ok with it!...
Also don't mind the regrowth on my hair..lol..I have not had my hair done since June! YIKES, I think that is a record!! I already set that up for the Monday I am back home..It is badly needed!

So I will try to update as usual..but now it is time to gear up to go home, get all our stuff in order and move forward! Thank You for the encouragement and kind words along the way, I appreciate it alot!

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. So, I guess you are going home soon. That is so exciting! And... you look great. Not that you were big, but you definately look more pulled in. The tummy and back pics really show it. You look like you have a pretty muscular build too, which is always a plus. Good job lady! You are just beautiful!


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