Thursday, October 6, 2011

day 14 and self enduced torture...

Today is day 14 of the HCG diet and I weigh steadily I have been losing a little over 1/2 lb a day for the last 3 days, which is great! I am also struggling, I am getting to the point where I feel deprived, I am seeing results, but that doesn't mean I don't want to eat double stuff Oreos, or popcorn, or an english muffin with peanut butter, after all I am human, right?

But am hanging strong...I am wearing a pair of board shorts today that had not fit me since last summer, when we moved to Texas! Yay for that!

Yesterday I told my kids I would be making them a special dinner and treat...and boy did I...and I can say I didn't even cheat, no licking of fingers...nothing...amazing!

Chocolate covered Smores.....OMGosh.....

 Now I had extra chocolate,, and there was no way I would throw it away!..Grabbed some pretzels, and made these little yummies....(for my husband)

 I saw both recipes on a blog, and while the smores looked good, I would leave out the chocolate in the middle next time! Also I used vegetable oil to thin down the chocolate, and I should have thinned even more, this consistency was too much for these but would have been great on strawberries!

Now for dinner, Pizza Rolls, super easy, really fast and yummy!

 Roll it out, put what you want on it, and roll it back up like a log, and slice it. notice there is no do that at the end for each individual, as a dipping sauce. This is a really easy meal it literally took 5 minutes to make and 11 mins to cook...super easy and tasted good (I imagine)
 You can bet I will be making these when the diet is over, just not going over board and eating 3 or 4! lol...
We used Ranch dressing and Pizza sauce for our dipping sauces and the kids loved em'. Scott and I like pizza, but we don't like alot of sauce, so these are perfect...Your possibilities are endless on what kinds you would want to make too..use your imagination!

Hope Your Thursday is off to a great start and praise God tomorrow is Friday!
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  1. Oh my, those treats all look so good. I'm happy you losing weight and sticking to the diet. :) A lot of people can't do that, so be proud. I'm dieting from Monday, so this weekend I will indulge in treats like those. Goodluck xxx


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