Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Could I be any further outta the loop??

Well that is how I feel...I have not posted since my Thanksgiving..and have been in a house again of sick kids and a sick husband..... AGAIN!!! I don't know how, but I have been escaping it...I think it's because I can NOT get sick..are you kidding, the house would fall apart!!

So I will post a little more this week...I have to take the dog to the vet, have my hair done, and I get to help in Bella's class assemble Gingerbread houses!! YAY!! So I am sure that will be a good time!!

I did get our tree up, and will finish decorating it with the "special" ornaments tomorrow, I will be sure to post pictures of my Christmas set up...

Also woo hoo......I sold my FIRST Initial Plaque on Etsy and it shipped today!! i was also stopped by 2 women in the post office, asking where I got it....

Have a wonderful night and we'll catch up soon....
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Friday, November 26, 2010


Well all the dishes are done, the leftovers are put away, and another Holiday has passed.... This was a different Holiday for us, and pretty much everyone in our family..NO ONE was together, and I think that was a first. Sure we have all lived by each other, and typically in some way shape or form we "see" each other, but not his year.

We were all in other places, we have moved, and Scott's mom has moved, leaving our family in Temecula behind. His sister and family were with friends, my sister was at her in laws, Nicholas was with his dad, and everyone else was alone.

I did all the cooking, like I would have done at home, but it was different. I thought I would be fine, and I was until I talked to Melissa, my Best friend at home, who happens to live next door to our house we still have there...and I was S.A.D. I felt my voice crackle and I just don't know what happened! I think it was a rush of feelings, feelings of missing our friends and family, feelings of all this being new, and not having what we had at home...it was tough. I am Big on get togethers, cooking and family and friends, all of it, goes hand in hand, and my hands felt half empty. I am big on setting traditions or the little things that my kids will remember and do for their families...the certain things we ate, and the things I would not dare to make!! The house was a little quieter, less hectic, and not in a good way...

I do love it here, and am thankful to call this our new home...it just felt so new yesterday, alone yesterday, and it hit me a little harder than I expected! I know in time, all of those things will come, and we will be happier than we are right now, it is just the waiting that I am not good at. My patience is null, zip, zero..and while I know God is working on that, this is also part of the getting there process...TIME... it is a good and bad thing..

Here is what our Feast looked like, It was all so good, even if I say so myself....haha

 I usually do a big spread, in our formal dining room, with my china..but since I did dishes....ALL DAY, and china has to be hand washed, I opted for more casual, my hands are thanking me today...

 Our Golden Fried Turkey....
 It was ssssooooo juicy, very yummy, we were bummed there was not a lot left over, I'll do a bigger one next year, this is the smallest one we have ever done, barely a 10 pounder!!
 Deviled eggs, my mom always makes these, hers are better!!
My cranberry dish...actually it is my ex sister in laws, she told me how to make it 15+ years ago, and I have made it EVERY holiday since....Whole cranberry sauce, layered with real whipping cream, topped with crushed saltine crackers....This is the only way I will eat this....
 This was the only "new" recipe I tried..I usually do not steer away from the traditional green bean casserole, but this year I tried this one from The Pioneer Woman, it was really good..she makes the best stuff!! Don't even get me going on the cinnamon rolls...TO DIE FOR!
 My stuffing, I add Craisins, celery, onion, Green apples, Sausage, seasoning, and sometimes Walnuts...I love the crunch it has!!
And lastly, leftovers for an army...except for the turkey that is!! ( I need to go on a diet....like yesterday!)
Am laying low, getting out our Christmas stuff...YAY!!! If you went shopping, hope you made it back alive with some good deals...or if you are like me, still in my jammies, enjoying coffee...more power to you!!

Mind you, it said the high would be 54 yesterday...ok, it was 35 ALL day with the wind blowing...that was also a BIG difference in our Holiday...I guess it at least "felt like" the holidays!!
In His Grace
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We will be home today, I am cooking "the meal" for my family..and just wanted to tell you that I miss you all and may you have a wonderful, memory making Thanksgiving..

Today and every day we have so many things to be thankful for, that we take for granted, so today I will remind myself of that, especially when something doesn't go the way I think it should...that we are so blessed..not to worry about the very small things!

 Am thinking and missing you all at home today!

In His Grace
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Monday, November 22, 2010

I couldn't wait....

So I had planned on not posting these, but the more I look at them...I can't NOT....

We had our family pictures done, and they came out great!! We have not had one done since I was 7 months pregnant with Brynne...So it was definitely over due.

Don't get me wrong I take a lot of pictures..I take them of my kids all the time, but I especially like the ones that they don't know I am taking...I am such a Non-Poser picture taker!! I love to capture them in their moments, those are what make me smile...

I ordered a bunch for my house and my walls, and I just heart them A.L.O.T!! Thanks so much to Melissa from Melissa Clarke Photography for doing them...

Make the most of YOUR Monday!! Hope your off to a great start of a Thankful Week!!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unattended Barbies

The girls were playing Barbies yesterday, as I was spring cleaning in the fall...I don't know what came over me, but it was like a total overhaul..with Christmas coming, I felt like it HAD to be done.. The amount of Barbie and Barbies in our house was overwhelming..I don't mind the Barbie stuff, because that is something they really play with..But the Baby stuff, there were like 15 babies, I let them each pick 4, then the rest were going to be given to kids that are not as fortunate.

In my midst of spring cleaning, I am one of those people that has to CLEAN as I go, to me there is no point of cleaning out, and not actually cleaning...so I was busy to say the least..I had done the girls closets earlier in the week, and now Scotty's room is all that is left. His is a breeze, as really all he has are Legos and a few guns, he is not a collector of crap like Bella is...

My point here is, this is what happens in my midst of being busy, and Brynne getting distracted by a TV show, while the nine thousand Barbies and accessories are left unattended...

and the only reason her head is gone, is because when I smacked her with it, it popped off, otherwise I am sure that was next on her to do list....
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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Second Home........the Laundry Room

So I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life...Laundry Rooms, Play Rooms, Game & Media Rooms..... and since our Game, Media and Play room are unfinished (meaning in the framed stages) I can not show you that.....But I can show you my Awesome...Laundry Room....

Ha Ha...It is the truth!! With 3 kids and a husband with a job, that he actually gets dirty at...This is my Second Home...I probably do at LEAST 15 loads of laundry a week!! We have only lived in our new house since the 4th of July...But when we saw it, 2  things are MOST important to me, the kitchen of course and the laundry room.Not only is the laundry room a place where I do the laundry, but it is a storage for back-paks & jackets, shoes, the cat box, cleaning stuff..you name it, it is here.

I also like my laundry  because of all the "cubbies" that were built-in, the storage shelves on each side of the windows, they are awesome! Also I like a separate laundry room because I keep my purse and keys all in the same place, and that way it does not end up on my kitchen counter or little desk area in the kitchen!!

here goes....

 This is looking into the laundry room, from my kitchen..there is a door that closes to separate the two.

 door to the garage and those very useful shelves...they house all our pool towels (for the pool we don't have yet)  and sunscreen/bug spray
 Play dough storage...way out of reach for small children...well planned
 Am needing a storage drawer thingy for the area to the left of the washer, and or a swiffer holder too...YES that is cat food on the sitting area, so that dog won't eat it..although that won't be long she is getting HUGE!!!!
 Cute cubbies, everyone has one, and I have one for slippers....LOVE these windows in here...they bring in a lot of light!! Yes that is a cat bed for my rotten cat..He LOVES to lay there in the summer sun..Now that the weather is turning cold, he has moved spots, I think it is too cold for him there now..He now lays in the den, on the couch, where the sun comes in all day....

Well that is it!! Hope your weekend is started off right!!
Big Hugs!!
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Fabulous Friday!!!

Need I say more.......

This is what we we did til 11:30 last night...Mr. Pasqua and the front office are off to a Fabulous Friday...

So am I........
Make it a Fabulous !!!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back on my feet

It has been a rough week, with all the illness' but, I think I am finally back on my feet! Monday Night we had our football/cheer party...and that was also the night I started to not feel well...Thankfully I made it through the party, then went home and ached liked crazy....

It was a really nice night, it was at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm,  with both teams and we had pizza & cake, gave out awards and trophies...it was a fun night.

 This is Scotty's coach, Coach Mark....he said some very nice things about Scotty, how he improved and played a hard position to learn, center..How originally they did not know where they would end up putting him...and that for a kid from California, he played pretty good football.....

 Scotty & his friend Jayden

 Bella eating pizza...do you see the cute football necklace?? the boys and girls exchanged gifts....that was one of the things inside, along with a bottle cap necklace..Good teach them young that girls like jewelry!! haha
 Brynne smiled sssssooooo good for me with Abby..this is my friend Honey's daughter, her and Bella get along really well, she is super sweet to Brynne and always includes her..I heart that!!
 Christian & Bella exchanging gifts...
 Scotty, I missed who exchanged with, only because I am so bad with my camera taking inside pictures, I really need to work on that..A.L.O.T!
My friend Honey, signing Scotty's cast...so sweet .....so did a few others, including his coach!!

So as a token of my appreciation I made these for the Team Mom (football) and the Cheer Coaches, that helped out.....

 Heather's...football mom
 Leanna's cheer coach
 Amy's cheer coach
and Roxanne's......now looking at them, I should have gotten an actual photo of them...duh??
Have a fabulous Wednesday night!! Am off to sew.....

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